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2 months ago
Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving Capabilities

Originally published in, Jan 19, 2023.

Emails shed new light on CEO’s involvement in 2016 demo.  Carmaker faces probes, claims on how it’s marketed its tech.

Elon Musk oversaw the creation of a 2016 video that exaggerated the abilities of Tesla Inc.’s driver-assistance system Autopilot, even dictating the opening text that claimed the company’s car drove itself, according to internal emails viewed by Bloomberg.

Musk wrote to Tesla’s Autopilot team after 2 a.m. California time in October 2016 to emphasize the importance of a demonstration drive to promote the system, which the chief executive officer made a splashy announcement about a week later. In an Oct. 19 call with reporters and blog post, Tesla said that all its cars from that day forward would ship with the hardware necessary for full self-driving capability.

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4 thoughts on “Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving Capabilities

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