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7 years ago
Data Scientist – One of the Most Promising Jobs Of 2016


To determine their list of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2016, job search and salary comparison site Glassdoor culled jobs with the highest overall score across three categories: earning potential, career opportunities, and number of job openings.

At the top of the list is Data Scientist. As of January 8th there were more than 1,700 of these openings posted to Glassdoor, for a job with a median base salary of $116,840. Tax Manager is up next, with nearly 1,600 openings and a median base salary of $108,000. Solutions Architect, with over 2,900 openings and a median base salary of $119,500, rounds out the top three.

Further down the list, Software Engineer, in 9th place, had a staggering 49,270 openings listed on the site. The job pays a median base salary of $95,000. Software Development Manager, in 12th place, claims the highest median base salary of any of the jobs on the list: $135,000. Nearly 1,200 were posted to Glassdoor as of January 8th.

“This year we see a lot of tech jobs and we also see a lot of health care jobs–that should not be a surprise,” said Dobroski. “What that indicates is these two industries continue to grow and be across the board great places for people to find jobs.”

But Dobroski also points out that while many of the jobs appearing on the list this year are focused on health care and technology, a selection of these roles are available across a number of industries.

“The twenty-five jobs do span different skill sets, and while some may appear as tech or finance, what most have in common is that you can get hired across all industries for them,” said Dobroski. “Whether you’re an HR manager, a software engineer, an audit manager or even marketing manager, these are job titles in demand across the entire nation and all industries.”

CONTINUE READING: Access the complete article at Forbes, where it was originally published.

By: Kathryn Dill, Contributor, Forbes
Originally published at Forbes

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