The premier analytics and AI conference for government

Washington, D.C.


September 18-19, 2018

PAW Government is a practically-focused, vendor-neutral conference that highlights case studies and emerging trends of how government agencies are currently using data analytics to solve real world problems. Come learn how government agencies are using predictive analytics and AI to optimize government operations and reduce costs.

Past Speakers

Shantanu Agrawal
Shantanu Agrawal

Deputy Administrator for Program Integrity Director

Jason Matheny
Jason Matheny

Director, IARPA

Robin Thottungal
Robin Thottungal

Chief Data Scientist/Director of Analytics

John Elder
John Elder

Founder & Chair

Andy Schaufele
Andy Schaufele

Director, Bureau of Revenue Estimates

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Previous attendees describe what they found most valuable at PAW:


Indu Sriram - Digital Marketing Analytics Manager, Staples

I'm happy we have a conference like Predictive Analytics World - where practitioners like myself can meet other professionals and learn all the latest and greatest. It's a go-to resource and I often attend - hats off to this conference's producers!

Ben Rollins - Global Advanced Analytics Specialist, Bain & Company

The PAW business conference is a great way to meet peers within the industry and to see what everybody else is doing to make sure you don't fall behind.

Allison Gonzalez - Decision Science Analyst, USAA

Just do it! Everybody is doing it! I attended PAW San Francisco 2016 and I come back with many new contacts, new friends, and more knowledgeable.

Kenton - Economist, Nike

The emphasis on practical application of analytics to real world business problems and decision making is just right at this conference!

Jason King - Principal Scientist, Procter and Gamble

A 360 degree event - great for anyone who wants to know where data analytics is at and where it's going.

Delivering on the promise of big data

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