May 14-18, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Delivering on the promise of data science

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Red triangle sessions are Expert/Practitioner Level

Agenda Overview – San Francisco– May 14-18, 2017
Pre-Conference Workshops: Sunday, May 14, 2017
Full-day Workshop
Uplift Models: Optimizing the
Impact of Your Marketing

Kim Larsen, Stitch Fix
Full-day Workshop
Big Data: Proven Methods You
Need to Extract Big Value

Marc Smith, Connected Action Consulting Group

Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday, May 15, 2017
Full-day Workshop
Hadoop for Predictive Analytics: Hands-On Lab
James Casaletto, MapR Technologies
Two and a half hour Workshop
R Bootcamp: For Newcomers to R
Max Kuhn, RStudio
Full-day Workshop
Supercharging Prediction with Ensemble Models
Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics
Full-day Workshop
R for Predictive Modeling: A Hands-On Introduction
Max Kuhn, RStudio

Day 1: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
(PAW Workforce runs in parallel on this day - dual registration required)
8:00-8:45am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:45-8:50am Conference Welcome
Eric Siegel, Predictive Analytics World
The Right Analytics for the Job: Tips and Tricks for Success

Anne Robinson, Verizon Wireless
9:40-10:00am Diamond Sponsor Presentation
10:00-10:30am Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break
  Track 1: All Levels Track 2: Expert/Practitioners Track 3: Churn modeling (for targeted customer retention)
10:30-10:50am Analytics Management/
Model Interpretation Churn Modeling; Best Practices
Need a Data Scientist, Try Building a "DataScienceStein"All level tracks
Bryan Bennett, Northwestern University
Case Study: SmarterHQ
When Model Interpretation Matters: Understanding Complex Predictive Models
Dean Abbott, SmarterHQ
Predicting Churn - An Often Not-So-Easy Task All level tracks
Richard Boire, Environics Analytics
B2B Churn Modeling
10:55-11:15am Case Study: 7Geese All level tracks
Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Retention

Craig Soules, Natero
11:20-11:40am Analytics Project Management Retail Analytics Retention with Email Marketing
Case Study: Cisco All level tracks
The Role of Decision Modeling in Creating Data Science Excellence

James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions
Tina Owenmark, Cisco
Case Study: SmarterHQ
Automated Retail Analytics - Omni-Channel and at Scale
William Komp, SmarterHQ
Case Studies: ILovemakeup, StarShop, Tibiona, Collectomania (eCommerce in EMEA)
7 Examples of Customer Retention with Predictive Email Marketing All level tracks
Kristina Pototska, TriggMine
Gaming Analytics; Marketing Segmentation for Churn Modeling
11:45am-12:05pm Case Study: A Leading Gaming Company All level tracks
Identifying Unique Gamer Types Using Predictive Analytics

Natasha Balac, Data Insight Discovery
Angel Evan, Angel Evan
12:05-1:30pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall
Case Study: FICO
Fraud Screening for 2/3rds of All Card Transactions: A Consortium and Its Data

Scott Zoldi, FICO
2:15-2:35pm Gold Sponsor Presentation
Thought leadership; Analytics Management Best Practices Seasonality and
Other Contextual Factors
2:40-3:25pm Case Study: Wells FargoAll level tracks
Strategic Communication: Building a Bridge From Analytics to Business
Chemere Davis, Wells Fargo Bank
Q&A: Ask Karl and Steven Anything (about Best

Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc
Karl Rexer, Rexer Analytics
Case Study: Paychex
Retention Modeling in Uncertain Economic Times
Chip Galusha, Paychex
3:25-3:55pm Exhibits & Afternoon Break
  Track 1: All Levels Track 2: Expert/Practitioners Track 3: Churn modeling (for targeted customer retention)
  Thought Leadership; Analytics Management Open Source Demo; Text Analytics Churn Modeling
3:55-4:15pm Case study: Dow Chemical Company All level tracks
Creating an Industrial Revolution for Analytics
Paul Speaker, The Dow Chemical Company
Semantic Natural Language Understanding with Spark, Machine-Learned Annotators & Deep-Learned Ontologies
David Talby, Atigeo
Case Study: LinkedIn
Predicting Customer Churn in a Subscription Business
Ming Ng, LinkedIn
B2B; Text Analytics
4:20-4:40pm Case study: Dow Chemical Company All level tracks
Listening Down the Value Chain: Using Text-based Predictive Models to Find New Opportunities for B-to-B Businesses
Michael Dessauer, The Dow Chemical Company
  Advertising Analytics Software Churn Modeling with Deep Learning; B2B
4:45-5:05pm Case Study: Visible World (A Comcast Company)All level tracks
Predictive Analytics for Yield Management

Bob Bress, Visible World (A Comcast Company)
Data Science Hype vs Reality: "Big Data" vs Single Machine Tools
Szilard Pafka, Epoch
Case Study: Microsoft
How Microsoft Predicted Churn of Cloud Customers Using Deep Learning and Explained Predictions in An Interpretable Way
Feng Zhu & Val Fontama, Microsoft
Acquisition Funnel for Higher Education
5:10-5:30pm Case Study: Becker CollegeAll level tracks
Enhancing the Quality of Predictive Modeling on College Enrollment
Feyzi Bagirov, Becker College
5:30-7:00pm Networking Reception
7:15pm Dinner with Strangers

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Day 2: Wednesday, May 17, 2017
(PAW Workforce runs in parallel on this day - dual registration required)
8:00-8:50am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:55- 9:35am
Special Plenary Session
What to Optimize? The Heart of Every Analytics Problem
Dr. John Elder, Elder Research
9:40-10:00am Diamond Sponsor Presentation
  Track 1: All Levels Track 2: Expert/Practitioners Track 3: Marketing applications
Financial Service Applications External Data Marketing Segmentation
10:00-10:20am Case Study: Bizfi
How Predictive Analytics Can Drive Success in Fintech and Banking All level tracks

Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc
Tomo Matsuo, Bizfi
Case Study: Google
Machine Learning Models for Assessing Third Party Signals
Julian Bharadwaj, Google
Case Study: Leitersburg Cinemas (MD)
RFM in the 21st Century -
It Still Works

Jim Porzak, DS4CI
10:25-10:45am Product Design Analytics Online Marketing and Personalization
Case Study: GoProAll level tracks
Making Better Products with Predictive Analytics

Jules Mali, GoPro
Case Study:
Macy's Advanced Analytics in Customer Centric Strategies
Daqing Zhao, Macy's
10:45-11:15am Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break
11:15-11:35am Law Enforcement Applications Sourcing Labelled Data Marketing Optimization
Case Study: City of
Jersey City
All level tracks
Predictive Analytics and Data in City Government
Brian Platt, City of Jersey City
Case Study: Capital One
The Quest for Labeled Data: Integrating Human Steps
Ashish Bansal, Capital One
John Schlerf, Capital One
Redefining Analytics for Marketing
Jennifer Bertero, CA Technologies
11:40am-12:00pm Insurance
Case Study: The Co-operators General Insurance CompanyAll level tracks
Defining Optimal Segmentation Territories - 10 Years of Research
Frédérick Guillot, The Co-operators General Insurance Company
12:00-1:15pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall
The Centrality of a Detailed Understanding of Your Audience
Haile Owusu, Mashable
2:00-2:15pm Lightning Round
2:15-3:00pm Expert Panel
Women in Predictive Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges
Moderator: Anne Robinson, Verizon Wireless
Morgane Ciot, DataRobot
Luba Gloukhova, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Aarti Gupta, Bain & Company
3:00-3:30pm Exhibits & Afternoon Break
  Track 1: All Levels Track 2: Expert/Practitioners Track 3: Marketing applications
3:30pm-3:50pm Sports Analytics Fraud Detection; Insurance Personalized Marketing
NFL Predictive AnalyticsAll level tracks
Ash Pahwa, University of California Extension, Irvine, CAs
Case Study: Alberta
Blue Cross

Claim Pattern Anomalies - Making a Mole Hill Out of a Mountain

Darryl Humphrey, Alberta Blue Cross
Case Study: Sears Holdings Company
Omnichannel Measurement and Attribution as a Building Block for In-House Programmatic Solution
Kerem Tomak, Sears Holdings Company
Analytics Management
3:55-4:15pm Technical Abstractions for Lasting Analytic Deployment Competency All level tracks
Stu Bailey, Open Data Group
  Supply Chain Insurance Personalized Marketing
4:15-4:35pm Case Study: PrintFleet All level tracks
Reducing Wasted Toner - Huge Savings for Service Providers and the Environment
Scott Hornbuckle, Photizo Group
Case Study: Gallagher Bassett
Finding the Waypoint: A TPA and an Actuary with Predictive Analytics Reinvent Reserving (and it's not boring after all)

Gary Anderberg, Gallagher Bassett
The What and The How Matter When Talking to Customers - Even More Today
Karan Bhalla, EXL Analytics
Text Analytics
4:40-5:00pm Case Study: Two automotive dealerships All level tracks
Discovering Persuasive Language through Observing Customer Behavior
Jason Kessler, CDK Global

Post-Conference Workshops: Thursday, May 18, 2017
Full-day Workshop
The Best and the Worst of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Modeling Methods and Common
Data Mining Mistakes

Dr. John Elder, Elder Research, Inc.
Full-day Workshop
Advanced Methods Hands-on:
Predictive Modeling Techniques

Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics

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