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Predictive Analytics Times
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overcomingbigdata_screenblueocean market intelligence’s Senior Vice President Durjoy Patranabish will discuss the most common Big Data challenges faced by leading organizations and how professionals can turn imperfect, complex and often unstructured data into actionable information.

While new tools and technologies solve for managing and mining data, the real challenge lies in analyzing data. Insights generation and the application of such insights to solve today’s business issues are often overlooked.

  • • In this fast paced world, every additional insight proves valuable. You’ll discover how to use Big Data analytics in combination with existing capabilities to ensure enhanced efficiency and business throughput.
  • • Big Data has gained immense popularity among management executives. We will share why executives still need to stay cautious when making their approach and how to overcome internal barriers for success.
  • • We will take you through blueocean’s composite six-step “P.R.O.M.P.T.” framework highlighting the key prerequisites for making Big Data relevant in today’s business environment.
  • • Finally, we will discuss some of the commonly experienced tactical execution challenges for Big Data initiatives and ways to defeat them.

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