Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
AI and ML in Health Care: A Brief Review
 Of the many disciplines that are active users of...
Visualizing Decision Trees with Pybaobabdt
 Originally published in Towards Data Science, Dec 14, 2021....
Correspondence Analysis: From Raw Data to Visualizing Relationships
 Isn’t it satisfying to find a tool that makes...
Podcast: Four Things the Machine Learning Industry Must Learn from Self-Driving Cars
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7 years ago
Wise Practitioner – Predictive Workforce Analytics Interview Series: Michael Li at The Data Incubator

 In anticipation of his upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Workforce conference presentation, Finding Top Data Scientists for Your Organization: Optimize the Hiring Process with Analytics, we interviewed Michael Li, CEO at The Data Incubator.  View the Q-and-A below to see how Michael Li has incorporated predictive analytics into the workforce of TheData Incubator. Also, glimpse what’s in store for the new PAW Workforce conference. Q: What is the specific business problem you are solving? A: There is global demand for highly skilled data scientists across multiple industries and use cases.  While data scientist roles are diverse, the skill-sets required are quite

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