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7 years ago
Webinar: Towards Solving Employee Attrition: Cost Modeling


Presented by:
Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist, Talent Analytics, Corp.

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Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist at Talent Analytics, Corp., discusses Talent Analytics’ first step when using a predictive analytics approach for solving employee attrition challenges.

Severe employee attrition can be a thing of the past. It need not be the “cost of doing business”. Talent Analytics predictive analytics approach and technology platform shows this to be a solvable challenge.

Predictive models are powerful, and can be tuned in many directions. To tune them accurately (for solving the most expensive problems) it is important for employers to quantitatively understand the attrition problem and relative costs areas.

Talent Analytics’ approach is optimized for high-volume, high-value roles such as Call Centers Reps, Sales Reps, Bank Tellers, Insurance and any other high volume positions where there are quantitative employee performance measures.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why a cost/benefit analysis is a mandatory first step with every predictive analytics project.
  • How cost modeling helps to prioritize predictive models across many roles by relative cost impact.
  • How to apply cutting edge “survival analysis” to understand and predict employee churn.

Watch Webinar.

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