Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
A University Curriculum Supplement to Teach a Business Framework for ML Deployment
    In 2023, as a visiting analytics professor...
The AI Playbook: Providing Important Reminders to Data Professionals
 Originally published in DATAVERSITY. This article reviews the new...
Decode the Algorithm: Navigate the World of Machine Learning in Business with ‘The AI ​​Playbook’
  This article reviews the new book, The AI Playbook, by...
To Deploy Machine Learning, You Must Manage Operational Change—Here Is How UPS Got It Right
 Originally published in Harvard Data Science Review. For more...

platform engineering

2024 Data Engineering Trends

 Originally published in Kestra, Jan 24, 2024. Doing More with Less The tech industry in 2024 is under pressure to optimize resources. Technology and data leaders are asked to integrate more data to support new AI-driven features while simultaneously being forced to reduce costs and headcount. Judging by the recent layoffs at a.o. Google, Amazon,