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Netflix, Dark Knowledge, and Why Simpler Can Be Better

 Weary from an all-night coding effort, and rushed by the looming 6:42PM deadline, Lester Mackey searched franticly for the proper prediction file to submit. Lester was a member of “The Ensemble”—a large coalition of data scientists who had joined forces late in the great Netflix challenge, after a grand prize of $1 Million — not

Big Data’s Greatest Power: Predictive Analytics

 See also the very-similarly entitled prior article the Predictive Analytics Times executive editor Eric Siegel, “The Greatest Power of Big Data: Predictive Analytics.“ There’s hardly an article, news story, webinar, or whitepaper these days that talks about...

A Good Business Objective Beats a Good Algorithm

 Predictive Modeling competitions, once the arena for a few data mining conferences, has now become big business. Kaggle ( is perhaps the most well-known forum for modeling competitions, using a crowd-sourcing mentality: if more people try to...

The Greatest Power of Big Data: Predictive Analytics

Every day’s a struggle. I’ve faced some tough challenges such as which surgery to get, how to invest for my business and even how to deal with identify theft. With so much stuff coming at me from...