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Machine Learning Models are Missing Contracts

 Why pretrained machine learning models are often unusable and irreproducible — and what we can do about it. Introduction A useful approach to designing software is through contracts. For every function in your codebase, you start by writing its contract: clearly specifying what inputs are expected and valid for that function (the precondition), and what the function

Guilty or Not Guilty: Weight of Evidence

 You have been invited to serve as a juror in a criminal related case. After hearing testimony, the presiding judge offers a summary of the proceeding. “Evaluate the evidence,” he declares. Whether it was an eyewitness account,...

Overcoming the Explainability Challenges of Machine Learning Models

 Some History Machine Learning Models, which have historically been referred to as predictive models, are not new. Any early practitioner in this field would emphasize that the two key deliverables of any model are as follows: its...