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Why Natural Language Processing Will Change Everything

 Do you talk to your computer or smartphone? Just a few years ago, that question would have been absurd. But with advances in natural language processing, the likelihood is that you have asked your phone to send a text or search the web for something within the last day. In fact, natural language processing (NLP)

Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things

 As technology continues to empower our ability to conduct analytics with “Big Data”, the “Internet of Things” has arisen as an area where devices themselves capture and transmit data albeit machine-level type data. Let’s discuss some of...

4 Key Thrust Areas for Predictive Analytics World – Manufacturing 2016

 As we move to year 3 of the Predictive Analytics World – Manufacturing annual conference, we are continuing to build on the momentum from the first two years. Our primary focus areas have remained more or less the...

Predictive Analytics Will Shape the Future of Every Sector

 There has been a lot of hype around predictive analytics over the past few years, with few real-world applications worth discussing. Industries including manufacturing and logistics, retail and hospitality, financial services and telecommunications, are all beginning to...

Analytics 2015: ‘BI is dead: Predictive is the new black’

 2015 will be the year that predictive analytics obtains significant market gains in everything from the industrial Internet to consumer devices. Here’s what Simon Arkell, CEO, Predixion Software, expects predictive analytics to look like in 2015: Predictive...

How predictive analytics will power the internet of things

Recently, Nissan Motor announced that they will release a self driving car by 2020. According to Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book, “The technology to create self-driving cars is already here, as sci-fi as it...

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