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Machine Learning: Business Leaders Must Take an Enlightening Look Under Its Hood (New Training Program)

  In this article, I identify unmet learner needs that are addressed by my business-oriented machine learning course series, Machine Learning for Everyone. Machine learning runs the world. It drives millions of business-critical decisions more effectively, guided by concrete evidence in the form of data – determining whom to call, mail, approve, test, diagnose, warn,

Coursera’s “Machine Learning for Everyone” Fulfills Unmet Training Requirements

  My new course series on Coursera, Machine Learning for Everyone (free access), fulfills two different kinds of unmet learner needs. It’s a conceptually-complete, end-to-end course series – its three courses amount to the equivalent of a...

How Machine Learning Works – in 20 Seconds

  This transcript comes from Coursera’s online course series, Machine Learning for Everyone with Eric Siegel. In 57 words, here’s why machine learning’s important: Business needs prediction. Prediction requires machine learning. And machine learning depends on data....

Seven Reasons Budding Data Scientists Need a Machine Learning Course That’s Not Hands-On

  From Coursera’s “Machine learning for Everyone” My new course series on Coursera, Machine Learning for Everyone (free access), is for any learner who wishes to participate in the business deployment of machine learning, no matter whether...