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Machine Learning Times


How artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking big data

 Big data and how best to utilise it has become a perennial subject, and the endless debates around it rarely come to a satisfactory conclusion. However, it is technology that will unlock the benefits, and narrow AI (artificial intelligence) in particular that will bring together big data and other sources of information to create large

When Should You Send Marketing Emails? Data Science FTW

 Chief Data Scientist John Foreman will be presenting at Predictive Analytics World Boston (Oct 5 – 9) on “Problems, then Techniques, then Toys. Keeping Your Predictive Analytics Right-side Up.” When we think “data science,” most of the...

Amazon Knows What You Want Before You Buy It

 Anticipatory shipping may be closest that retail can come to a crystal ball. Amazon, which now has a patent for the algorithm-based system, could conceivably use the system to ship products before you even place an order....

Who Has The Largest Predictive Data Analytics?

 With vast amount of data that currently available, who should be able to predict the future the most? Should it be Google? Facebook? Twitter? Google claim to be able to predict the flu epidemic in the future, and other...