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PAW Preview Video: Evan Wimpey, Director of Strategic Analytics at Elder Research
 In anticipation of his upcoming presentation at Deep Learning...
Podcast: P-Hacking—How to Know Your Predictive Discovery is Conclusive
  Welcome to the next episode of The Machine Learning...
PAW Preview Video: Piotr Wygocki, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder at MIM Solutions
 In anticipation of his upcoming presentation at Predictive Analytics...
PAW Preview Video: James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions
 In anticipation of his upcoming presentation at Predictive Analytics...

1 month ago
Free Shipping: A Perfect Example of the Value of Uplift Modeling

 Note from Executive Editor Eric Siegel: In this article, Sam Koslowsky explores a perfect illustration of the value of uplift modeling: whether to offer free shipping. Well, will that increase the chance this customer will buy? That is, will it positively influence the individual? By predicting influence, you maximize influence. That’s why it’s also sometimes called persuasion modeling. I’ve written a lot on the topic – click here for my article about it and links to much additional content about uplift modeling. Yes, I admit it. A free shipping offer often catches my eye. But I’m not the

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