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Video – How to Use AI Ethically from Natalia Modjeska of Omdia
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: How to Use AI...
Video – Alexa On The Edge – A Case Study in Customer-Obsessed Research from Susanj of Amazon
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Alexa On The Edge...
Why AI Isn’t Going to Replace Data Scientists Any Time Soon
 Should data scientists consider AI a threat to their...
“Doing AI” Is a Mistake that Detracts from Real Problem-Solving
  A note from Executive Editor Eric Siegel: Richard...

3 years ago
Dr. Data Video: A.I. Is a Big Fat Lie

 Originally published by Big Think Is AI legit? In this must-see episode, Dr. Data delivers a treatise that ridicules the widespread myth of artificial intelligence. His impassioned soliloquy is enlightening and actually pretty funny. It’s time for the term AI to be “terminated.” Note: This article is based on a transcript of The Dr. Data Show episode, “A.I. Is a Big Fat Lie” (click to view). AI is a big fat lie. Artificial intelligence is a fraudulent hoax — or in the best cases it’s a hyped-up buzzword that confuses and deceives. The much better, precise term would

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