Professional Videos from Author Eric Siegel

(See also Eric's unprofessional geek rap video)

National Geographic Breakthrough:

Full episode ($2.00 paywall)

Machine learning in 20 Seconds:

Access the three-course series

On AI Hype - why it isn't becoming superintelligence:

Access Eric's complete video series on AI hype

Keynote at Databricks:

Watch more sample keynote videos: Accelerate (Park City), Digital Marketing Summit (Seoul), Brand ManageCamp (Vegas), APHSA (Orlando).

Eric Siegel is available for select lectures

Harvard Business Review - interview:


Keynote - seven minute sample (Cape Town):

See also:
- Full 26-minute version of the above (Cape Town's Mammoth BI)
- Keynote: The Persuasion Effect (Predictive Analytics World)

Eric Siegel is available for select lectures

Bloomberg TV - Predictive Analytics in Four Minutes:

Click here for a Bloomberg radio interview

Click here for a partial retraction regarding the Chase example mentioned

News interview on pregnancy prediction:

Click here for more info, the inside scoop from Eric Siegel

Interview on TheStreet:

Big Think - Overview:

Big Think - An Intelligent Machine:

Pre-Keynote Restaurant Conference Interview. 2018:

Interview - Why is predictive analytics important, did Nate Silver use it, is it a "big data" thing, and more:

Why is it important?
Isn't it impossible?
Is it a big data thing?
Did Nate Silver use it?
Does it invade privacy?
What're the hot trends?
What's the coolest thing?

Uplift modeling - predicting not behavior but, rather, predicting whether behavior is influencable:

See also this article on uplift modeling by Eric Siegel

Forrester - where are we in predictive analytics' adoption?

Forrester - persuasion modeling for Obama and for marketing:

Forrester - Will privacy concerns stunt the power of predictive analytics?

Does predictive analytics only serve corporations, or is it of value to us as consumers as well?

Ad for Immortal Conquest Video Game

Interview on Israel National Radio:

Interview on Carpe Datum Rx:

Opening intro for a University of California course (120k views):

UC Irvine interviews Eric Siegel about the book's updated edition:




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Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die

Geek Rap Video

Praise for the Book:

"A mesmerizing and fascinating study."

— The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This is Moneyball for business, government, and healthcare."

— Jim Sterne, founder, eMetrics Summit; chairman, Digital Analytics Association

"Simultaneously entertaining, informative, and nuanced. Siegel goes behind the hype and makes the science exciting."

— Rayid Ghani, Chief Data Scientist, Obama for America 2012 Campaign

"Predictive Analytics is not only a deeply informative dive into a topic that is critical to virtually every sector of business today, it is also a delight to read."

— Geoffrey Moore, author, Crossing the Chasm

"The Freakonomics of big data."

— Stein Kretsinger, founding executive of; former lead analyst at Capital One

"The future is right now — you're living in it. Read this book to gain understanding of where we are and where we're headed."

— Roger Craig, record-breaking analytical Jeopardy! champion; CEO, Cotinga

"Littered with lively examples..."

— The Financial Times

"Siegel is a capable and passionate spokesman with a compelling vision..."

— Analytics Magazine

"A must read for the normal lay person..."

— Journal of Marketing Analytics

"A clear and compelling explanation of the power of predictive analytics, and how it can transform companies and even industries."

— Anthony Goldbloom, Founder and CEO,

"Both sophisticated and fully accessible to the non-quantitative reader. It's got great stories, great illustrations, and an entertaining tone."

— From the book's foreword by Thomas H. Davenport, coauthor, Competing on Analytics

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