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Let Your Contacts Know You're Speaking at Predictive Analytics World

Thank you for agreeing to speak at Predictive Analytics World! We are excited to have you join us and want to make sure that being a speaker is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

We know that speaking at a conference can be stressful. As a speaker, you need to be focused on making your sessions engaging and thought provoking for the attendees so, in order to attract more attendees to your session, we have put together a series of materials that you can use to help spread the word.

The information provided below is meant to assist you in promoting your presence as a speaker at Predictive Analytics World to your network of friends and colleagues. If you have any other questions specifically regarding your speaker guidelines, contract or hotel accommodations, you may contact Allison Whittemore at .

Here are several ways you can quickly and easily reach your Predictive Analytics World audience:

Remember that you can always think out-side of the box for other communication avenues that may better suit your target audience.

Your email list is sure to contain a number of people who are itching to hear you speak. These people may want to come to your session at Predictive Analytics World, but are unaware of the event. If you are interested in sending a personalized email containing a special Predictive Analytics World discount code to your contact list, let us know and we will create a customized HTML that you can send to your communities.

Interested? Email Jill McGinnity at to request your custom email HTML file.

The twitter-verse is a massive place and Predictive Analytics World attendees are some of its most active tweeters! Many of your followers may just want to come hear you speak at the conference. Use these sample tweets to get their attention so they will know about your presence at Predictive Analytics World!

Double your reach! Use our Twitter handle @PAWCon in your tweets and we will re-tweet it to our followers.

Facebook is the largest social network around and it's full of Predictive Analytics World attendees for you to reach! Use these sample Facebook posts to alert your Facebook community that you will be speaking at Predictive Analytics World.

Double your reach! Tag our Facebook page, Predictive Analytics World, in your post and we will re-share it on our page as well.

Linked In
Digital networking hub, LinkedIn, is a professional yet personal way to connect with your colleagues - and of course the Predictive Analytics World crowd! You can easily connect with others by joining the discussion on the Linkedin Group page. Add your own comments to the page to make sure LinkedIn connections will be there to see you at Predictive Analytics World.

Do you have a blog? If so, send us any entries relevant to PAW topics which are tied to your event presence and we'll promote them for you via the Predictive Analytics World social media channels. Posts should be informational and insightful rather than strictly promotional.

Send all blog postings to Jill McGinnity at for approval. You will be notified when they've been approved.

Double your reach! Once we promote your post on PAW social media channels, don't forget to re-tweet or share with your communities!

Logos, badges & banners
Use these images below to promote your presence at Predictive Analytics World to your audience. Just download the image, and use the link below to link it through your website, emails, and other communications.

Hear me Speak PAW 2013
Hear me Speak PAW 2013
PAW SF 2013
IMC Toronto 2013

If you have any questions about exhibitor marketing opportunities, contact Jill McGinnity at .

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