March 4-10, 2012
San Francisco
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Speakers Predictive Analytics World San Francisco 2012

Dean Abbott, President, Abbott Analytics

Dean AbbottDean Abbott is President of Abbott Analytics in San Diego, California. Mr. Abbott has over 21 years of experience applying advanced data mining, data preparation, and data visualization methods in real-world data intensive problems, including fraud detection, risk modeling, text mining, response modeling, survey analysis, planned giving, and predictive toxicology. In addition, Mr. Abbott serves as chief technology officer and mentor for start-up companies focused on applying advanced analytics in their consulting practices.

Mr. Abbott is a seasoned instructor, having taught a wide range of data mining tutorials and seminars for a decade to audiences of up to 400, including PAW, KDD, AAAI, IEEE and several data mining software users conferences. He is the instructor of well-regarded data mining courses, explaining concepts in language readily understood by a wide range of audiences, including analytics novices, data analysts, statisticians, and business professionals. Mr. Abbott also has taught applied data mining courses for major software vendors, including SPSS-IBM Modeler (formerly Clementine), Unica PredictiveInsight (formerly Affinium Model), Enterprise Miner (SAS), Model 1 (Group1 Software), and hands-on courses using Statistica (Statsoft), Tibco Spotfire Miner (formerly Insightful Miner), and CART (Salford Systems).

Case Study: Hiring and Selecting Key Personnel Using Predictive Analytics

Expert Panel: Wise Enterprise: Best Practices for Managing Predictive Analytics

Workshop: Advanced Methods Hands-on: Predictive Modeling Techniques

Bronwyn Agrios, Technical Marketing, Esri

Bronwyn AgriosBronwyn Agrios is a part of a team at Esri that promotes and implements new ideas in spatial thinking, analysis, and application development, using both Esri and open source products. In addition to supporting these goals, Bronwyn aims to better understand how consumers of spatial products—from the average consumer to a GIS analyst—use spatial information to decipher the world around us, with particular interest in crisis response. Bronwyn has traveled the world educating GIS users in everything from database design and server administration to Web application development best practices.

Case Study: Real-World Examples of How Big Social Data is Changing Traditional Business Practices

Benjamin Alamar, Professor of Sport Management, Menlo College

Benjamin AlamarProfessor Benjamin Alamar is the founding editor of the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport, a professor of sports management at Menlo College and the Director of Basketball Analytics and Research for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. He has published academic research in football, basketball and baseball, has presented at numerous conferences on sports analytics. He is also a co-creator of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He has consulted for teams in the NBA and NFL, provided statistical analysis for author Michael Lewis for his recent book The Blind Side, and worked with numerous startup companies in the field of sports analytics. Professor Alamar is also an award winning economist who has worked academically and professionally in intellectual property valuation, public finance and public health. He received his PhD in economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2001.

Case Study: Competing & Winning with Sports Analytics

Gary Anderberg, Practice Leader of Analytics & Outcomes, Broadspire

Gary AnderbergGary received his BA from Pomona College and his MA and PhD from Stanford. After a stint as a college professor, he joined a consulting firm in management control and accounting systems. He later joined a regional and in 1986 started his own company providing group benefit plans. After selling his TPA, he moved to The Travelers to develop managed care services for workers' compensation.

Gary went to Zenith National in 1994 to design the SinglePoint program. He joined Prudential two years later to develop Prudential's managed care services for workers' compensation and later moved to Prudential Group Insurance to develop an Integrated Disability Management product. He retired from Prudential and joined Broadspire in 2007 in Data Analytics.

Gary has published on disability, workers' compensation, and benefit integration. In addition, Gary writes mystery novels and screenplays and belongs to the Mystery Writers of America.

Case Study: The First 24 Hours: Understanding New Claims

Paul Bachteal, Director, Americas Technology Practice, SAS

Paul BachtealSince joining SAS in 1985, Paul Bachteal has held a variety of key leadership positions in Sales, Marketing, and General Management. He currently supports customer engagements across a broad spectrum of SAS product segments, including information management, analytics, business intelligence, performance management, and high-performance computing. The development and delivery of best practices to drive alignment among business and IT staff has been a recent focus of Paul and his teams, particularly as in-database and in-memory solutions are sought by customers to meet their rapidly increasing data and analytical challenges.

Diamond Sponsor Presentation: Technology Strategies for Big Data Analytics

Stephanie Behnke, President, California General Underwriters Insurance Company

Stephanie BehnkeAs a student and practitioner of constant process improvement, Stephanie Behnke's 23 year career in the Insurance industry has provided numerous opportunities to develop, deploy, test, and modify various approaches to process improvement within all levels of an organization. Results driven and measurement focused, she has managed cross functional teams of analysts, underwriters, developers, quality assurance professionals and marketing personnel. Most recently, her design of a corporate culture and the recruitment of a cross functional leadership team preceded the creation of the actual insurance product. The belief that talented individuals who are willing to collaborate and remain open-minded is the basis for the company's "Data is King" guiding principal. It is Stephanie's belief that only when the right data is presented to and understood by the right team does predictive analytics equal success.

Seize the Competitive Future through a Shared Vision for Value Creation, Quality Management & Collaboration

Richard Boire, Partner, Boire Filler Group

Richard BoireRichard Boire is a recognized authority on predictive analytics and is among a very few, select top five experts in this field in Canada, with expertise and knowledge that is difficult, if not impossible to replicate in Canada. This expertise has evolved into international speaking assignments and workshop seminars in the U.S., England, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Within Canada, he gives seminars on segmentation and predictive analytics for such organizations as Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Direct Marketing News, Direct Marketing Association Toronto and the Association for Advanced Relationship Marketing (AARM.). His written articles have appeared in numerous Canadian publications such as Direct Marketing News, Strategy Magazine, and Marketing Magazine. He has taught applied statistics, data mining and database marketing at a variety of institutions across Canada which includes University of Toronto, George Brown College, Seneca College, etc. Richard is currently Chair at the CMA's Customer Insight and Analytics.

Case Study: Insurance Pricing Models using Predictive Analytics

Garland Bond, Vice President of Acxiom Analytics & Consumer Insights, Acxiom

Garland BondGarland Bond leads a team of senior consultants in Acxiom's Analytics & Customer Insights practice, creating world class solutions to help clients find more elegant ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

Garland enjoys developing frameworks and processes to create structure from the chaos caused by the nonstop proliferation of data and marketing channels. This process driven approach bridges the gap across data, analytics, and technology to enable successful optimization across integrated multi-channel programs.

Over the years, he has led marketing programs resulting in client value worth $100s of millions of incremental revenue and millions in cost savings. He has won national marketing awards based on driving superior client results. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughter.

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Creating Vision Through Insights

Jeb Breese, Manager, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Jeb BreeseJeb Breese is a Manager with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP in the Analytic and Forensic Technology practice. He has extensive data mining and analysis experience spanning a broad range of industries including financial services, technology, health care, entertainment, and manufacturing. Mr. Breese has employed advanced data modeling techniques in support of fraud analysis, securities litigation, forensic investigations, and anti-money laundering reviews. His recent work includes assisting in the development and implementation of an AML alert risk triaging system at a major multinational financial institution. Mr. Breese holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Idaho. Mr. Breese is based in San Francisco.

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Predictive Analytics and Risk Ranking: Prioritizing the Investigation of Anti-Money Laundering Alerts

Erick Brethenoux, Director, Predictive Analytics & Decision Management Market Strategy, IBM

Erick BrethenouxErick Brethenoux leads the Predictive Analytics & Decision Management Market Strategy at IBM. Prior to IBM, Erick was VP at Lazard Frčres, working with institutional investors, analyzing startup companies for venture capital funding and merger and acquisition activities. Before Lazard, Brethenoux was Research Director of Advanced Technologies at Gartner focusing on decision support systems, knowledge management and advanced software engineering architectures. Prior to Gartner, Erick was completing a scientific mission for the French Embassy in the USA. His research as a Ph.D. candidate at University of Delaware was aimed at knowledge engineering within a cognitive sciences multidisciplinary program.

Case Study: Actionable Consumer Analytics: Restarting the Conversation

Expert Panel: Wise Enterprise: Best Practices for Managing Predictive Analytics

Jeff Deal, Vice President of Operations, Elder Research, Inc.

Jeff DealJeff Deal is the Vice President of Operations at Elder Research Inc. where he manages client engagements from the business perspective. In his four years at Elder Research, Jeff has worked with dozens of clients to understand their business needs and organizational goals and, in the process, has gained insight into organizational obstacles to successful data mining engagements. From his vantage point, Jeff sees the common business mistakes that are made by businesses and by the data mining experts and will share these insights in his talk. Prior to joining Elder Research, Jeff worked in the health care field as a hospital administrator and with his own health care consulting business. Jeff has a Master of Health Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and an undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary.

Case Study: Top 10 Data Mining Business Mistakes

Antonia de Medinaceli, Director of Fraud Analytics, Elder Research, Inc.

Antonia de Medinaceli Antonia de Medinaceli has extensive experience in all aspects of the data mining process, and has solved challenges in many industries, including financial, crime analysis, and customer relationship management (CRM) industries. Her consulting experience is both domestic and international. Antonia is experienced with most of the leading statistical software packages. In addition to her consulting experience, she has taught data mining short courses with the Elder Research team. She has degrees in Computer Science and Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Case Study: Fraud Detection: Fraught with Frightful Modeling Hurdles

Shyam Desigan, CFO, Volunteers of America Chesapeake

Shyam Desigan Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America, one of the top 10 non profits in the U.S working in 46 states and serving some 2 million people in 400 communities, the challenge of managing, analyzing and acting upon intelligence gleaned from these programs called for some IT innovations . At Volunteers of America Chesapeake we have embraced Cloud based BI and predictive analytics drive our Financial Planning & Analysis process .

An MBA with thirteen years of Finance, IT and project management experience, Shyam Desigan has focused on enabling healthcare providers and non-profits use outcomes-based benchmarking to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Shyam joined Volunteers of America in February 2009 and has been recognized locally and nationally for the dramatic strides he has made for the non-profit including executing a turnaround leveraging Analytics and technology. He has received an MBA in Finance from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and a BS in Electronics Engineering. Find Shyam on LinkedIn.

Case Study: Turning Operational Outcome Metrics into an Actionable Predictive Forecasting Model

John Elder, CEO & Founder, Elder Research, Inc.

John ElderDr. John Elder heads a data mining consulting team with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington DC. Founded in 1995, Elder Research, Inc. focuses on investment, commercial and security applications of advanced analytics, including text mining, forecasting, stock selection, image recognition, process optimization, cross-selling, biometrics, drug efficacy, credit scoring, market timing, and fraud detection.

John obtained a BS and MEE in Electrical Engineering from Rice University, and a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, where he's an adjunct professor teaching Optimization or Data Mining. Prior to 15 years at ERI, he spent 5 years in aerospace defense consulting, 4 heading research at an investment management firm, and 2 in Rice University's Computational & Applied Mathematics department. Dr. Elder has authored innovative data mining tools, is a frequent keynote speaker, and was co-chair of the 2009 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining conference, in Paris.

John's courses on analysis techniques – taught at dozens of universities, companies, and government labs – are noted for their clarity and effectiveness. Dr. Elder was honored to serve for 5 years on a panel appointed by the President to guide technology for National Security. His book with Bob Nisbet and Gary Miner, Handbook of Statistical Analysis & Data Mining Applications, won the PROSE award for Mathematics in 2009. His book with Giovanni Seni, Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy through Combining Predictions, was published in February 2010. His (1,000-page) book on Practical Text Mining, with Dr. Andrew Fast and four others, was published by Elsevier in January. John is a follower of Christ and the proud father of 5.

Special Plenary Session: Becoming an Ace with a Robot as your Wingman

Workshop: The Best and the Worst of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Modeling Methods and Common Data Mining Mistakes

Jeni Fan, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jeni Fan Ms. Jeni Fan is a Behavioral Decision Theorist with a B.S. in Cognitive Psychology and a M.S. in Cognitive Science and Quantitative Methods. Her research background focuses on computational modeling, Decision Theory, Behavioral Game Theory, and Cognitive Engineering. In general, the goal of her research has been to understand and improve the decision-making processes so that sustainable changes can be made to optimize accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

Jeni joined Booz Allen Hamilton while a graduate fellow in the University of Oklahoma PhD program and is currently an Associate in the civil health Advanced Analytics team which provides expertise and services to government agencies such as the NIH, FDA, and CDC, as well as various commercial clients.

Case Study: Framework for Detection of Clinical States & Disease Onset Using Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data

Larry Freed, President and CEO, ForeSee

Larry Freed As President and CEO of ForeSee, Larry is responsible for managing the company's strategy and significant growth, since the company's founding in 2001. Larry brings more than 20 years experience in senior management and in directing ForeSee's e-commerce and technology initiatives. An expert on the cross-channel customer experience and author of Managing Forward: How to Move From Measuring the Past to Managing the Future, Larry speaks extensively on the topic at private and public sector industry events and has been quoted in numerous publications and media, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Investor's Business Weekly, Internet Retailer, Multichannel Merchant, DM News, Computerworld, Federal Computer Week and Government Executive, among many others.

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Managing Forward: Analytics For Today's Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Consumer

Ben Gimpert, Chief Technology Officer, Altos Research

Ben GimpertBen Gimpert is Director of Quantitative Analytics for Altos Research in Mountain View, California. He teaches and speaks on predictive analytics, machine learning, real estate, and financial analysis. Ben has worked with investment banks JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse, the hedge fund Natura Capital, and EdF Trading, a commodities trading shop. He spent ten years as a software developer, having built a taxonomy browser for Encyclopedia Britannica in 2004, and converting to Agile development at ThoughtWorks in 2000. Ben continues to manage a portfolio through a quantitative trading strategy built upon sentiment and news analysis. He has an MSc in Finance from London Business School and a BEng in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

Case Study: There & Back Again: Model Interpretability in Real Estate Market Scoring

Arnold Goodman, Founder & Principal, Collaborative Data Solutions

Arnold Goodman Defined Computing and Statistics Interface (1965), Arnold Goodman co-founded Interface Symposia (1967), co-founded ASA and Wiley Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Journal (2005), plus authored three recent invited journal articles and keynote address on challenges for analysis, biomedicine, collaboration, determinism and visualization (2011). Experienced problem and data evolution from small and manageable in one discipline into massive, and unruly in numerous disciplines. Analyzed data throughout computing transition from cottage industry on desk calculators into automated mass production on supercomputers. Evaluated Minuteman guidance, optimized Apollo Prime-Contract negotiations, and supported Skylab proposal (11 years) as well as facilitated business of IT through budgeting and planning, service reporting and charging, plus mainframe capacity planning and performance evaluation (21 years). Cofounded UCI Center for Statistical Consulting, led development of first process model for protein cycle, and established genetic uncertainty (15 years). Modeled and analyzed value creation since 1972, quality management since 1980, and collaboration since 2000.

Seize the Competitive Future through a Shared Vision for Value Creation, Quality Management & Collaboration

Sergo Grigalashvili, Vice President of Architecture, Analytics, Information & Communication Technology, Crawford & Company

Sergo GrigalashviliSergo leads global efforts in enterprise architecture, analytics, and systems road mapping at Crawford & Company. His responsibilities include providing direction and leadership for development of business intelligence technology and statistical, data mining, and predictive analytic models for claim operations and client stewardship. Sergo has 16 years of technology industry experience; he has proven success in increasing maturity of enterprise technology architecture and in wide adoption of advanced analytics and business intelligence at organizations of various sizes; he earned a master's degree in management science and a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and computer science.

Case Study: The First 24 Hours: Understanding New Claims

John Guerrero, Predictive Analytics Solutions Architect, IBM

John GuerreroJohn Guerrero is the Predictive Analytics Solutions Architect at IBM in the Southwest region. He has over a decade of experience in the analytics space and provides analytical solutions via the IBM SPSS brand. Prior to IBM, John was the Managing Consultant and Analytics Solution Architect for Accenture's Analytics On-Demand Offering. He also worked as a Systems Engineer at SAS where he provided Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Data Analytic solutions to both commercial and government organizations.

John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and is a member of Eta Kappa Nu, the national electrical and computer engineering honor society. He lives in Newport Beach California and is an avid surfer.

Sponsored Lab Session: How to Make Your Predictive Models Actionable

Bangalore Gunashakar, Senior Technical Consultant, Broadspire

Bangalore GunashakarBangalore Gunashakar is Senior Technical Consultant of Broadspire - a Crawford & Company, the world's largest independent claims management provider servicing the insurance industry and self-insured organizations through a global network of more than 700 locations in 63 countries. In this role he has architectural, development, implementation responsibility for e-Triage application. He has been involved with e-Triage since its acquisition by Crawford over four years ago and has been the IT evangelist of the e-Triage product.

Prior to his current position, Bangalore served as IT Director, at Broadspire and has been promoted to positions of increasing responsibility, from Senior Software Engineer through IT Director. Since 1993 he has been delivering sound IT solutions to achieve strategic business goals. He has spent last 10 years in Insurance industry, providing IT leadership and delivering numerous strategic Projects and Products. He's a 'Certified Document Imaging Architect' and holds the 'Project Management Professional' certification from Project Management Institute since 2005.

Case Study: The First 24 Hours: Understanding New Claims

Shawn Hushman, Vice President of Advanced Analytics, Kelley Blue Book

Shawn HushmanShawn Hushman is the vice president of advanced analytics at Kelley Blue Book. In this role, Hushman is charged with enterprise-wide predictive and Web analytics. He also oversees the development of Kelley Blue Book's valuation models and overall analytics methodology.

Since joining the Kelley Blue Book team, Hushman has had a number of accomplishments in pricing theory and optimization. Hushman developed multi-dimensional pricing simulation tools, which optimized the relationship between time on market and transaction volume. He also was instrumental in developing a negotiation algorithm, called 'virtual negotiation', which utilizes consumer and competitive cross-elasticities to maximize profits by individual customer transactions.

Prior to joining Kelley Blue Book, Hushman worked in research and analytics at several companies, including The Clorox Company, HSBC, The Ryness Company and Sempra Energy.

Shawn holds a Master's degree in Economics with a field specialization in Econometrics. He also has completed postgraduate work in Applied Econometrics.

Case Study: Agile Analytics: Model Development in an Agile Environment

Azhar Iqbal, Vice President & Econometrician, Wells Fargo Securities

Azhar IqbalAzhar Iqbal is a vice president and econometrician at Wells Fargo, responsible for providing quantitative analysis to the Economics group and modeling and forecasting of macro and financial variables. Before joining Wells Fargo in 2007, he was an economist and course instructor at the Applied Economics Research Center at the University of Karachi in Pakistan. He has also worked as an economist at the United Nations, Arif-Habib Investment Bank, and for Government of Pakistan-funded projects.

Azhar earned his master's degree in economic forecasting from the University at Albany, State University of New York where he also earned a Certificate of Graduate Study in economic forecasting. He also has master's degrees in applied science and applied economics from University of Karachi, and in econometrics and mathematics from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan. Azhar has presented research papers at the American Economic Association, Econometric Society Meetings, the Panel Data Conference, and other international conferences.

Case Study: Macroeconomic Forecasting, Consensus & Individual Forecaster: A Real-Time Approach

Piyanka Jain, CEO,, Former PayPal Business Analytics Head

Piyanka JainPiyanka Jain's interest lies in deriving actionable insights from data to enable informed trade-offs and decision making. She enjoys problem solving and finds herself driven towards empowering business professionals to make better data driven business decision through Aryng's "Data to Decisions"™ framework she teaches. With Aryng, she is creating an organization to drive business transformation through the power of analytics.

Before founding Aryng, she was heading the NA Business Analytics at PayPal, leading strategic analytics, managing and setting agenda for the team, defining strategic roadmap to find NA business drivers. At PayPal, she and her team have delivered several high impact projects including product portfolio analysis, merchant lifecycle analysis, Voice of Customer analysis, Next Best Product Model for Merchant with $84+ mm revenue impact.

Prior to this, Piyanka drove direct measurable revenue impact of $18 mm through Strategic/Marketing analytics in partnership with Adobe Product Marketing and Relationship Marketing team. Within Marketing Operations and Analytics department, her role was to lead the organization into learning more about their products and customers through establishing appropriate engagement model with BU and rigorous mining of data. Within Relationship Marketing, Piyanka and her team's role involved designing and analyzing campaigns, creating and executing appropriate segmentation and targeting strategy, Fine tuning messaging, creatives and offers by Test & Control and improving targeting and increasing marketable universe by building response models and propensity models.

Keynote: The Five Myths of Predictive Analytics

Bhava Kompala, Director, Business Development, Mu Sigma

Bhava KompalaBhava Kompala is the Director of Business Development at Mu Sigma. He is responsible for bringing new portfolio of clients and helping them institutionalize data driven decisions in a sustainable manner by building a long-term relationship. Prior to joining Mu Sigma, Bhava worked in telecom companies including Motorola, Bridgeport Networks and Counterpath Corporation, where he led large teams in product planning, development and management and marketing. Bhava holds an M.S. in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Gold Speaker Presentation: Mu Sigma

Max Kuhn, Director of Nonclinical Statistics, Pfizer

Max KuhnMax Kuhn is a Director of Nonclinical Statistics at Pfizer Global R&D in Connecticut. He has been apply models in the pharmaceutical industries for over 15 years.

He is a leading R developer and the author of several R packages including the CARET package that provides a simple and consistent interface to over 100 predictive models available in R.

Mr. Kuhn has taught courses on modeling within Pfizer and externally, including a class for the India Ministry of Information Technology.

Case Study: Right Medicine, Right Patient

Workshop: R for Predictive Modeling: A Hands-On Introduction

Mahesh Kumar, CEO, Tiger Analytics

Mahesh KumarDr. Mahesh Kumar is the founder and CEO of Tiger Analytics, a boutique consulting company that focuses on applying predictive analytics models in the fields of retail management, online advertising, and internet marketing. Prior to founding Tiger Analytics, Dr. Kumar taught MBA and PhD level classes at the Smith School of Business, Rutgers Business School, and Sloan School of Management at MIT. Dr. Kumar holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from MIT and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Dr. Kumar has conducted research in the areas of data mining and statistical modeling and has successfully applied his research to the retailing, online advertising and internet marketing industries to solve problems related to forecasting, pricing, promotions, customer segmentation, etc. He has extensive consulting experience with companies such as McKinsey & Company, SAS, IBM, JC Penney, ProfitLogic, LucidMedia, CompassLabs, TTX, and Reflexis Systems.

Case Study: Prediction and Optimization Models for Online Display Advertising

Kathy Lange, Senior Business Director, SAS Business Analytics Practice

Kathy LangeKathy Lange has more than 25 years of experience selling and implementing analytics solutions. The SAS Business Analytics practice helps customers define their business problems and craft strategies for solving those problems with integrated SAS solutions, including business intelligence, data integration and advanced analytics. Lange holds a BS in mathematics from the University of Delaware and an MS in operations research from Union College.

Expert Panel: Wise Enterprise: Best Practices for Managing Predictive Analytics

Kim Larsen, Vice President of Analytical Insights, Market Share Partners

Kim LarsenKim Larsen is a VP of Analytical Insights at Market Share Partners, a leading marketing science company based in Los Angeles. Prior to Market Share Partners, he worked in the advanced analytics department of a Fortune 500 financial services institution. Kim has worked in the area of data mining and statistical modeling industry since 2001 and programmed in SAS since 1995. Throughout his professional career, he has worked on and managed a wide array of data mining and analytical problems including price optimization, media mix optimization, demand forecasting, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling.

Kim frequently speaks at data mining conferences around the world in the areas of segmentation and predictive modeling and has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at Predictive Analytics World and other conferences. His main areas of research include additive non-linear modeling and net lift models (incremental lift models).

Kim holds a B.S. in mathematics and economics and an M.S. in statistics.

Case Study: Response Modeling is the Wrong Modeling: Maximize Impact With Net Lift Modeling

Workshop: Net Lift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing

Bill Lazarus, President & CEO, SeerAnalytics

Bill LazarusWilliam (Bill) Lazarus, Ph.D., is president and CEO of SeerAnalytics, a consumer research company that specializes in market analysis and predictive modeling. Lazarus is a quantitative social scientist with an interest in applying what he calls "rigorous, evidence-based analytics" to help solve real world problems. He received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, his M.A. from the University of Toronto, and his S.M. and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Case Study: Using Probabilistic Computing to Optimize YMCA Branch Site Locations

Diederik Van Liere, Product Manager Analytics, Wikimedia Foundation

Diederik Van LiereBio is forthcoming.




Case Study: Solving the Last Mile: Focusing Global Intelligence on Your Data

Liwei Ma, Senior Director of Analytics & Insights, Big Fish Games

Liwei MaLiwei, previous of Yahoo!, is Senior Director of Analytics and Insights at Big Fish Games and is responsible for designing and developing intelligent merchandise algorithms and customer strategies. Previously he was head of customer analytics and strategy group at Apple, Liwei has more than 15 years of marketing strategy and analytics experience with companies such as Yahoo, InfoSpace, Chase and E*Trade. Liwei has an MBA from Texas Christian University and a Ph. D from Indiana University Bloomington.

Case Study: How to Get the Exact Same Online Display Advertising Results with Only 55% of the Spending

Chris Moody, President & COO, Gnip

Chris MoodyChris Moody is the President and COO of Gnip, the leading provider of social media data for enterprise applications. In this role, Moody is responsible for Gnip's day-to-day operations with direct responsibility for sales, marketing, finance, and business development.

Prior to Gnip, Moody served as Founder and President of Aquent On Demand, a leading provider of technology solutions for creative and marketing organizations, where he oversaw day-to-day management of 700 employees across 70 offices in 17 countries. Before joining Aquent, Moody served in senior management and technology consulting roles with IBM, Oracle, and EDS where he led engagements with over 25 companies in the Fortune 500.

Moody serves on the National Technical Advisory Board of Year Up, is an advisor to technology startups, and is an active TechStars mentor. Moody has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University.

Case Study: Real-World Examples of How Big Social Data is Changing Traditional Business Practices

David Mould, Predictive Analytics Scientist, MedeAnalytics

David MouldDavid Mould is the Predictive Analytics Scientist at MedeAnalytics. He earned his Ph.D. in forecasting from Golden Gate University and also has an MBA in marketing research from UC Berkeley. He built his first predictive model in 1974. David is a member of the IBM/SPSS Customer Advisory Board for Advanced Analytics and recently received a patent pending for a new predictive analytics model. His contact information is: [email protected].

Sponsored Lab Session: How to Make Your Predictive Models Actionable

Scott Nicholson, Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Scott NicholsonScott Nicholson is a Senior Data Scientist on the LinkedIn Analytics Team. His work focuses on applying econometric intuition to develop predictive models that help inform the executive team and product leads about how to build better products and how users are engaging with the website. He also works closely with the PR and marketing teams to publicize cool data insights that are derived from the LinkedIn data. After receiving his PhD in Economics from Stanford, he was responsible for all things related to data and optimization at an online advertising startup in the real-time-bidding space. While Scott specializes in extracting value from data, he also has a deep passion for product and user experience.

Case Study: Econometric Applications & Extracting Economic Insights from the LinkedIn Dataset

Jim Porzak, Senior Data Scientist, Viadeo

Jim PorzakJim Porzak is the Senior Data Scientist at - the international professional social network. Previously he was Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at and VP Marketing Analytics at LoyaltyMatrix. Subscription survival modeling has been part of Jim's standard tool box since LoyaltyMatrix where he applied for many clients like The Los Angeles Times, 24 Hour Fitness, and Playboy online.

Jim is a well-known presenter at customer intelligence and applied statistical conferences here and in Europe. He is very active in the open-source R community and is co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area R User Group.

Case Study: Subscription Survival Modeling for Fun & Profit

Kevin Pratt, Founder & Chief Scientist, ZZAlpha

Kevin PrattKevin B. Pratt is founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of ZZAlpha LTD. He is a computer scientist who developed advanced analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing methods for critical activities and big data of the US Intelligence Community for ten years before founding ZZAlpha. In a prior career, he was a commercial trial and appeals lawyer, and is a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. He has over 100 computer science and legal publications.

Case Study: Effective Market Forecasting in 5 Key Dimensions

Yuan Ren, Data Mining Scientist, Interclick

Yuan RenYuan Ren works as a data mining scientist at interclick. Yuan is responsible for designing interclickŹ˛s audience building algorithms and has implemented backend services that run data mining algorithms on terabytes of data. He is involved in projects ranging from generating client-facing business reports to in-depth R&D on data mining algorithms that work well on big data. Yuan holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. His doctoral research involved applying data mining methods to solve global optimization problems. He earns his B.S. degree in Automation from Tsinghua University, China.

Case Study: Data, Data Everywhere: Navigating the Digital Ecosystem with Predictive Analytics

Anne Robinson, Director of Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics, Verizon Wireless

Anne RobinsonAnne G. Robinson is the Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics for Verizon Wireless. Her team is responsible for leading strategic efforts across the Supply Chain organization, leveraging advanced analytics to implement processes and procedures that lead to improved device life cycle management, working capital optimization and cost reduction.

Prior to joining Verizon Wireless, Dr. Robinson spent seven years with Cisco Systems. Her responsibilities included managing advanced analytics, business intelligence, and performance management teams across the supply chain. She and her team were also responsible for evaluating and improving the distribution inventory network as well as establishing a statistical forecasting capability for predicting product demand. As the driving force for many foundational and cross-functional process innovations, she helped establish Cisco's presence and recognition as a leader in business intelligence and analytics, including being inducted into the balanced scorecard hall of fame.

A PhD in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, Anne is President-Elect of INFORMS, a professional organization focused on applying advanced analytical methods for making better business decisions. She has served on several advisory boards including the SAS Analytical Customer Advisory Board and the SAS-Teradata Product Advisory Board, and is a topical editor for the Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science. A frequent tweeter, you can follow Dr. Robinson @agrobins.

Keynote: Influencers, Skeptics, and Data Geeks: Using Analytics to Drive Organizational Change

Karthik Sethuraman, Director of Analytic Solutions, Kaggle

Karthik SethuramanKarthik Sethuraman is the Director of Analytic Solutions at Kaggle. He has over 9 years of experience in applying various data mining and optimization techniques across financial services, insurance, retail and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Kaggle, Karthik worked at FICO as an analytic solution architect developing analytic solutions for companies across the globe. These solutions have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profitability for FICO's clients. Karthik graduated from University of California at Berkeley in 2003 with a master's degree in Operations Research.

Case Study: Solving the Last Mile: Focusing Global Intelligence on Your Data

Rosaria Silipo, PhD, KNIME

Rosaria SilipoDr Rosaria Silipo is an expert in applying data-mining and predictive analytics in the corporate environment. She holds a master degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florence and a PHD in bioengineering that focused on statistical and machine learning algorithms from the Politecnico di Milano in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been awarded with two postdoctoral fellowships: one at Siemens and one at ICSI at the University of Berkeley for the automatic analysis of biomedical signals and speech.

Her extensive business experience in predictive analytics across a wide range of areas and companies - including such names as Viseca and The Economist - allows her to consult and help companies to organize, clean, utilize predecitive analytics and finally make sense out of their data.

She is the author of the popular blog and is the author of more than 50 scientific publications as well as 3 books for data analysis practitioners.

Sponsored Lab Session: Heterogeneous Social Media Analysis: Network Analytics meets Text Mining with KNIME

Eric Siegel, Program Chair, Predictive Analytics World

Eric Siegel, Ph.D.The president of Prediction Impact, Inc., Eric Siegel is an expert in predictive analytics and data mining and a former computer science professor at Columbia University, where he won the engineering school's award for teaching, including graduate-level courses in machine learning and intelligent systems - the academic terms for predictive analytics. After Columbia, Dr. Siegel co-founded two software companies for customer profiling and data mining, and then started Prediction Impact in 2003, providing predictive analytics services and training to mid-tier through Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Siegel is the instructor of the acclaimed training program, Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web, and the online version, Predictive Analytics Applied. He has published over 20 papers and articles in data mining research and computer science education, has served on 10 conference programme committees, has chaired a AAAI Symposium held at MIT, and is the founding chair of Predictive Analytics World.

Keynote: Persuasion by the Numbers: Optimize Marketing Influence by Predicting It

Marc Smith, Chief Social Scientist, Connected Action Consulting Group

Marc SmithMarc Smith is a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. Smith leads the Connected Action Consulting Group and lives and works in Silicon Valley, California. Smith co-founded the Social Media Research Foundation (, a non-profit devoted to open tools, data, and scholarship related to social media research.

Smith is the co-editor with Peter Kollock of Communities in Cyberspace (Routledge), a collection of essays exploring the ways identity; interaction and social order develop in online groups. Along with Derek Hansen and Ben Shneiderman, he is the co-author and editor of Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world, from Morgan-Kaufmann which is a guide to mapping connections created through computer-mediated interactions.

Smith received a B.S. in International Area Studies from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1988, an M.Phil. in social theory from Cambridge University in 1990, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA in 2001. He is an affiliate faculty at the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington and the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Smith is also a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Media-X Program at Stanford University.

Case Study: Crowd Photography for Social Media

James Steck, Advanced Analytics, Nordstrom, Inc.

James SteckJames Steck is a member of the Advanced Analytics group at Nordstrom, Inc., one of the nation's leading fashion specialty retailers, where he provides predictive modeling and analytics support to various groups including Marketing, Strategy, and Real Estate. Previously he spent four years at Washington Mutual and JPMorgan Chase as a Senior Data Mining Engineer supporting Direct Marketing efforts across their checking and debit card programs. He serves as a committee member for the Puget Sound SAS Users Group (PUGSUG), and presented a paper at the Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group (PNWSUG) in 2009. He holds a BA in Math Science from University of California, Santa Barbara and an MS in Data Mining from Central Connecticut State University.

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Discovering Fashionable Relationships

Salman Taherian, CFO & CIO, Kasra Technologies

Salman TaherianSalman graduated with a PhD from Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge (UK) looking at how sensor data might be used to infer high-level information in Intelligent Transport and Smart City Environments. He then applied his data stream processing techniques to applications in Sports, Healthcare, and Energy Monitoring under a number of academic and industrial projects. In 2009, he spinout a Green Tech company to deliver an innovative energy saving solution for UK Whitehall departments, and in 2010 he founded Kasra Technologies to help businesses with real-time decision making. Presently, he's the CEO of Kasra Technologies and also a technical leader to a TSB-funded R&D program which investigates how ICT can be used to improve firm-level productivity and growth.

Case Study: Creating an Engaged Workforce using Statistical Learning

James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions

James TaylorJames Taylor is the CEO of Decision Management Solutions. James is the leading expert in Decision Management Systems – systems that are active participants in improving business results. Decision Management Systems apply business rules, predictive analytics and optimization technologies to address the toughest issues facing businesses today, changing the way organizations are doing business. James is passionate helping companies develop agile, analytic and adaptive processes and systems. James has over 20 years developing software and solutions for clients and has led Decision Management efforts for leading companies in insurance, banking, health management and telecommunications.

In addition to strategy and implementation consulting, training and workshops, James is an experienced and highly rated keynote and speaker at conferences in the US and around the world. He has spoken recently at Information Management 2011, IBM's CIO Leadership Exchange, SAS Forum Netherlands, IBM Information on Demand, FICO World 2011, Computerworld's BI & Analytics Perspective, International Summit 2011 on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, CIO Network's Leadership Forum, BI 2010, Business Rules Forum, Predictive Analytics World and IBM's Business Analytics Forum.

James' new book, "Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Business Rules and Predictive Analytics" (IBM Press 2012) was just released. James also wrote "Smart (Enough) Systems" (Prentice Hall, 2007) with Neil Raden, and has contributed chapters to several books on business rules and business intelligence including "Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment", "The Decision Model", "The Business Rules Revolution: Doing Business The Right Way" and "Business Intelligence Implementation: Issues and Perspectives". James is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and has experience at FICO, PeopleSoft R&D, and Ernst & Young.

Case Study: Five Growth Scenarios for Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

Bartev Vartanian, Principal, Dataspora

Bartev VartanianBartev J. Vartanian is a Principal at Dataspora, a pioneer firm in probabilistic and predictive analytics that uses next generation machine-learning to develop probabilistic casual models. His background spans the gamut from analyzing and trading the U.S. equity options markets to modeling optical transitions in semiconductor quantum wells. He graduated with an A.B. in Physics summa cum laude from Albion College, and earned an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University.

Case Study: MLB Pitchers: A Look at the Numbers

Andreas Weigend,, Former Chief Scientist,

Andreas WeigendAndreas Weigend, was Chief Scientist at, where he specialized in understanding how people behave online, helping Amazon build its customer-centric, measurement-focused culture. He now works as an independent consultant with firms including Alibaba, Lufthansa, MySpace, and Nokia, helping some of the most brilliant executives around the world leverage user data to produce innovative products and business models. He also teaches at Stanford and UC Berkeley, and is often invited to speak at international events.

Special Plenary Session: Identity Wars: The Battle to Control Personal Data

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