Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
Video – How to Use AI Ethically from Natalia Modjeska of Omdia
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: How to Use AI...
Video – Alexa On The Edge – A Case Study in Customer-Obsessed Research from Susanj of Amazon
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Alexa On The Edge...
Why AI Isn’t Going to Replace Data Scientists Any Time Soon
 Should data scientists consider AI a threat to their...
“Doing AI” Is a Mistake that Detracts from Real Problem-Solving
  A note from Executive Editor Eric Siegel: Richard...


EHR Oracles: Merging Big Data Streams Could Create Mission Control for Healthcare

 What if “electronic health records” could become “electronic health oracles” – not just recording the past, but helping to predict and influence the future? Thanks to a proliferation of data, “electronic health oracles” are well on their way to reality. In his book Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or

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