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Machine Learning Times


AI Recognizes COVID-19 in the Sound of a Cough

 Originally published in IEEE Spectrum, Nov 4, 2020. Based on a cellphone-recorded cough, machine learning models accurately detect coronavirus even in people with no symptoms. Again and again, experts have pleaded that we need more and faster testing to control the coronavirus pandemic—and many have suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) can help. Numerous COVID-19 diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence Model Detects Asymptomatic Covid-19 Infections Through Cellphone-Recorded Coughs

 Originally published in MIT News, Oct 29, 2020. Results might provide a convenient screening tool for people who may not suspect they are infected. Asymptomatic people who are infected with Covid-19 exhibit, by definition, no discernible physical...

Amazon Touts AI for Social Distancing Amid Worker Complaints

 Originally published in, June 18, 2020 Facing criticism over workplace safety, the company is using cameras, sensors, and augmented reality to warn employees when they’re too close to one another. Covid-19 sent Amazon scrambling to adapt...

Looking At The Numbers in COVID-19

 Like many of you, my focus during this crisis has been less on analytics and more about family, friends, etc. which on a more positive note seems to gain greater emphasis as we reassess our priorities.  But...

Some Thoughts on Analytics in a Post COVID-19 Environment

 In these most difficult times, the use of analytics is certainly not top of mind for most organizations unless it is being used to combat the virus. The challenging scenarios of meeting payroll and having access to...