Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
What Percentage of Your Machine Learning Models Have Been Deployed?
  Do your models usually get deployed? Or are...
Video – Credit Models, Microfinance, and Improving the Lives of Families in the Developing World
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Video – Identifying Program Effectiveness for Survivors of Human Trafficking from Muneeb Alam of QuantumBlack
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Identifying Program Effectiveness for Survivors...
Video – How to Use AI Ethically from Natalia Modjeska of Omdia
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Bayesian Algorithms

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: A Data Scientist’s Perspective

 By: Rajendra Originally published in As artificial intelligence (AI) works its way into mainstream business practices, various different applications are coming up in conversations about how to best leverage the technology. In observing these conversations, I notice some writers using the terms machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) interchangeably. The two are actually