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FAQ for Eric Siegel’s New Book, “The AI Playbook”
  There are plenty of questions to answer about...
Announcing Eric Siegel’s New Book: The AI Playbook
  Dear Reader, I’m excited to announce the forthcoming,...
Predictive Analytics for the Call Center
 So, you just received your shiny new smart watch....
MLW Preview Video: Gulrez Khan, Data Science Lead at PayPal
 In anticipation of his upcoming keynote presentation at Predictive...


Interview on Israel National Radio

 Eric Siegel, author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, talks about data mining and predictive analysis. What do these terms mean, and how accurate are they in determining people’s behavior? Find out how data mining affects marketing and customer profiling, as well as daily life by watching

Interview on Big Think:

 Predictive analytics is technology that not only gives organizations the power to predict the future but also to influence the future. And the reason it has that difference is because predictive analytics predicts for you, me, everyone...

Does predictive analytics invade privacy?

 This video answers the question of predictive analytics invading your privacy and the power of predictive analytics. (more…)

What is the coolest thing predictive analytics has done?

 If you’ve ever watched Jeopardy! you’ll be impressed with what predictive analytics achieved on this show. Eric Siegel describes the coolest thing predictive analytics has done. (more…)

Making Use of Predictive Analytics


Hot Topics in Predictive Analytics


Harnessing Predictive Analytics for Better Business Decisions

 Eric Siegel, scholar, consultant and event organizer, explains how, where and why predictive analytics can be used to inform more proactive, empirically-based decision making. As part of his time at Cognizant Confluence 2011, Siegel brings a lot...

Interview – Why is predictive analytics important, did Nate Silver use it, and more

 Eric Siegel answers these eight questions: 1. What is predictive analytics? 2. Why is predictive analytics important? 3: Isn’t prediction impossible? 4. Is predictive analytics a big data thing? 5. Did Nate Silver use predictive analytics to...

Daniel Porter Clip

 This is a brief, 7 minute clip of Porter’s session – to attend a complete, revealing session, attend PAW San Francisco(March 2014), PAW Toronto (May 2014), or PAW Chicago (June 2014). Pinpointing the Persuadables: Convincing the Right...

How Target Gets the Most out of Its Guest Data to Improve Marketing ROI

 Scroll down for the video: Presentation at Predictive Analytics World by Andrew Pole, Senior Manager, Target – October 2010. Target Corp. is the fifth-largest retailer in America, providing a convenient one-stop shopping destination for guests seeking food,...

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