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Speakers Predictive Analytics World Government 2012
 Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey

Lead Designer


Bio is forthcoming!

Session: Forecasting Housing Subsidy Need in an Uncertain Economy

 Robert Barrick

Robert Barrick

Office of Housing Assistance Contract Administration Oversight

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Bio is forthcoming!

 Johan  Bos-Beijer

Johan Bos-Beijer

Mr. Johan Bos-Beijer is the Director of Strategic Solutions and Senior Advisor at GSA and has over 36 years of management experience equally divided between the public and private sectors. Mr. Bos-Beijer is often consulted as an experienced analytics practitioner as advisor to various public agencies in the civilian and defense sectors. From 2010 to 2011, he completed a special one year executive senior advisory assignment at the request of the HHS OIG which included the successful development and implementation of the consolidated data analysis center (CDAC) program, predictive analytics framework, data and program management.

His management expertise includes academia, financial management and national law practice operations, each involving comprehensive large data management and analysis. He created a successful client engagement framework at ED which was also used in 2009 by GSA, developed a new repeatable acquisition strategy for data center services in 2010 and created the first successful data warehousing/analytics capability in 2001at ED. His current responsibility is overseeing enterprise commodity program management in the Office of the Assistant Commissioner across multiple multi-billion dollar portfolios at GSA. His work has been recognized in Special Act awards from the ED OIG and HHS OIG among others.

 Niall  Brennan

Niall Brennan

Director, Office of Information Products and Data Analytics

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Niall Brennan is the Director of the Office of Information Products and Data Analytics at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services where he oversees agency efforts on data analytics and dissemination, and information products. The goal of the Office is to maximize the utility and availability of CMS data for internal and external users. Specifically, the Office performs a variety of analyses on high profile issues on a quick turnaround basis, for the CMS administrator, senior leaders and other HHS department leaders. Additionally, the Office is also responsible for coordinating the agency's strategies regarding data storage, analysis and dissemination.

He is a graduate of University College Dublin, and earned a master's degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University.

Session: Maximizing CMS Data for Internal and External Users
SAS Panel: Gaining Executive and Senior Management Support for Predictive Analytics

Captain Aaron D.  Burciaga

Captain Aaron D. Burciaga

Director of Logistics Operations Analyses (LX)
Installations and Logistics Department

US Marine Corps Headquarters Pentagon

Captain Aaron D Burciaga currently serves as the Director of Logistics Operations Analyses (LX), Installations and Logistics Department, USMC Headquarters Pentagon where he also fills the role of USMC Logistics M&S Advocate and Logistics M&S Functional Area Manager. He is responsible for ensuring validated decision support through analysis and M&S development for I&L with general support to the USMC logistics M&S community. Prior service includes tours as special staff to the Commanding General 2d Marine Division, Service Company Executive Officer, Motor Transportation Platoon Commander, and Battalion Logistics Officer. He has a M.S. in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School, a B.S. from the United States Naval Academy, and is a veteran of the Iraq War (Fallujah, Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Session: New Methods for Developing Limited Datasets for Predicting USMC Combat Losses – JMP, Booz Allen, and USMC

 Cindy  Caldwell

Cindy Caldwell

ES&H Senior Technical Advisor

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Cindy Caldwell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ([email protected]) Bio: Cindy Caldwell is currently a senior technical advisor in the Environment, Health, Safety and Security directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Her work includes understanding and evaluating operational culture and organizational reliability. She has over 30 years of technical and managerial experience in the field of Safety & Health including reactor operations, training, and technical support within production and laboratory environments as a DOE contractor. Cindy is certified by the American Board of Health Physics, has a BS in Bacteriology, MS in Radiological Science and is currently studying for a PhD in Organizational Development.

Session: Preventing Catastrophic Incidents By Predicting Where They Are Most Likely To Occur And Why

 John Cassara

John Cassara

Former Senior Special Agent for the Department of Treasury

and Author/Lecturer on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Former Senior Special Agent for the Department of Treasury, Cassara began his 26 year government career as a covert intelligence officer during the Cold War. He served as a Treasury Special Agent in both the US Secret Service and US Customs Service where he investigated money laundering, trade fraud and international smuggling. While assigned overseas as an undercover arms dealer he developed expertise in Middle East money laundering, value transfer and underground financial systems. Since his retirement, Cassara has lectured around the world on transnational crime issues. He has authored or co-authored several articles and books, including Hide and Seek: Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and the Stalled War on Terrorist Finance and On the Trail of Terror Finance: What Law Enforcement and Intelligence Officials Need to Know.

SAS Panel: Gaining Executive and Senior Management Support for Predictive Analytics

 Benjamin  Chard

Benjamin Chard

Client Technical Professional


Benjamin Chard is a senior Client Technical Professional with IBM. Ben serves IBM public sector clients as a technical consultant. In this role, Ben works with customers to help them: understand their business problems and related data analysis needs; define the issues relating to the major stages of the research process; produce results using computer based technology; and interpret and report key results.. Ben relies on the skills he gained in his 19 year tenure at SPSS including seven years as one of SPSS' highest rated trainers in both the U.S. and international offices.

Originally a staff member of SPSS Australasia Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, Ben relocated to the Washington, D.C. area in 1998 where he was responsible for delivering training services, before being recruited into the Client Technical Professional role he is in today.

Session: Applying Predictive Analytics to Public Sector Applications

 Monique  Colter

Monique Colter

Audit Director


Monique Colter is the director of the Facilities, Environmental and Sustainability Directorate at the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General where she oversees the activities of staff engaged in performing audits of Postal Service facilities and environmental programs. These audits focus on the management and planning of leasing, purchasing, designing, and construction of facilities for postal operations.

Monique has over 20 years of auditing experience including 12 years as a revenue agent with the Internal Revenue Service. Monique is a graduate of South Carolina State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She is also a certified public accountant. She currently lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband and two children.

Session: Audit Analytics: Prioritizing Audits of Facility Lease Renewals

 Antonia de Medinaceli

Antonia de Medinaceli



At the forefront of AI and machine learning since the late 1990's, Antonia de Medinaceli has created and deployed predictive models for fraud detection, credit scoring, natural language processing, computer vision, and crime prediction problems, among many other applications. She has worked with both commercial and government clients to ensure that their analytics efforts are impactful to the goals of the organization. Antonia also spent time in advertising technology, heading up an R&D team of data scientists and mathematicians. She is a frequent speaker on analytics at conferences and seminars. Antonia holds degrees in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. Her woman-owned small business, Augmented, specializes in AI applications for both the public and private sectors.

Session: Detecting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with Predictive Analytics

 Jonathan  Edelson

Jonathan Edelson

Supervisory Management and Program Analyst


Jonathan Edelson is a Senior Manager in the IRS Office of Research, Analysis and Statistics. Mr. Edelson has been with the IRS since 1998 and has previously served as an Operations Research Analyst and a Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst. Mr. Edelson oversees various modeling and analytic efforts including workforce analyses, tax compliance analyses, and performance measures development. Mr. Edelson received his undergraduate degree in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland at College Park and his Master\\'s of Public Policy from The American University, Washington, D.C.

IRS Panel: Strategic Workforce Analytics Tool at IRS

Dr. John Elder, Ph.D.

Dr. John Elder, Ph.D.

Founder & Chair

Elder Research


John Elder chairs America’s most experienced Data Science consultancy. Founded in 1995, Elder Research has offices in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, and London. Dr. Elder co-authored 3 award-winning books on analytics, was a discoverer of ensemble methods, chairs international conferences, and is a popular keynote speaker. John is occasionally an Adjunct Professor of Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia.

Keynote: Becoming an Ace with a Robot as your Wingman!

 Nils  Engel

Nils Engel

Solutions Specialist


Nils Engel has been in the analytics space for over a decade, focusing on joining data from multiple sources and getting a 360 degree view of a person. This type of analytics lends itself well to both the public as well as private sectors. The platform that Nils has been focusing on enables massive amounts of data to be loaded into a platform that enables ad-hoc, visual exploration of that data with the ability to quickly uncover both trends as well as outliers in the data. Nils has personally built many of these analysis datasets from the ground up and has real-world experience with the efforts that go into building this type of dataset.

Session: Reducing the Time and Cost of Predictive Analytics

Dr.  Aaron  Ferguson

Dr. Aaron Ferguson

Technical Director, Cyber and Information Analytics Office

National Security Agency (NSA)

Dr. Ferguson is Technical Director of the ​Joint Mitigations Strategy Planning​ Office at the National Security Agency (NSA) where he directs ​technical​l development and deployment of cyber mitigation strategies and plans. Prior to his current assignment, he was the technical director for the Analytic Tradecraft office in the Information Assurance Directorate. He is a proud graduate of Howard University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He received a Masters from the University of New Haven in Operations Research and a Masters and Doctorate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Delaware. Dr. Ferguson is originally from Brooklyn, New York and is an unapologetic fan of the New York Yankees, Giants, and Knicks .

Session: GOT BOTS? A Machine Learning Technique For Effective Detection Of BotNets

 Andrea Ferris

Andrea Ferris


Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Andrea Ferris is a Consultant on the Analytics Team at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. In this role, she supports various defense and civil government clients as a data analyst. She specializes in statistical analysis, data mining and statistical programming. Ferris recently earned her BS in statistics and actuarial science from Purdue University.

 Tom  Finan

Tom Finan

Senior Cybersecurity Strategist & Counsel

National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD)

Tom Finan is a Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel with the Department of Homeland Security's National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). Among his duties, Tom examines cybersecurity-related legislation and its implications for NPPD strategy. Tom has led DHS discussions about establishing a predictive analytics capability for cyber threats and facilitated the development of four implementation options for senior leadership consideration. Tom was also selected to work on Under Secretary Rand Beers' Integrated Project Team (IPT) that generated proposals to transform NPPD from a DHS Headquarters component into a stand-alone, operational component.

Tom previously served as the Staff Director for the Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment with the House Committee on Homeland Security. During his time with the Committee, Tom authored two major reports: Beyond Connecting the Dots: A VITAL Framework for Sharing Law Enforcement Intelligence Information and LEAP: A Law Enforcement Assistance and Partnership Strategy. Tom is a cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School and received his B.A. with High Honors from the University of Virginia.

DHS Panel: Strategy & Policy of Data Analytics

 Amy  Florentino

Amy Florentino

Lieutenant Commander

U.S. Coast Guard

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Amy Florentino graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1999 with a B.S. in Operations Research. Upon receiving her commission, LCDR Florentino was assigned as aboard several ships in roles ranging from Deck Officer to Commanding Officer. She was also assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where she served as Leadership and Management instructor at Officer Candidate School (OCS). Amy graduated Tuck in 2010. While at Tuck school she was involved with the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship and was an avid Tuck Hockey player. She currently serves as an internal consultant for the U.S. Coast Guard in Washington D.C focusing on financial systems and financial reporting. She recently received the 2011 Department of Homeland Security CFO Award for Superior Mission Achievement.

Session: Applying a Risk Intelligent Modeling (RIM) Approach to Financial Management Transformation

 Isaiah Goodall

Isaiah Goodall

Director of Business Development

Elder Research

Isaiah Goodall is the program chair of Predictive Analytics World for Government and also leads business development and sales for Elder Research, a leading data science consulting firm. Isaiah's passion is helping clients figure out how they can improve their analytics capability to deliver value to their organization and solve business problems.

In his previous role at Elder Research, Isaiah led business development for five years in the Arlington, VA office and helped secure analytics projects at several Fortune 500 corporations and US Federal government agencies. In 2011, he was the founding program chair of Predictive Analytics World for Government, the leading vendor-neutral predictive analytics conference in Washington, DC.

Prior to his current role Elder Research, Isaiah led business development for Manas Development Group, an emerging market consulting firm in Washington, DC, and was part of the founding team of, an online grocery startup company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Isaiah received his B.S. in Management from Virginia Tech in 2007, summa cum laude, with a focus in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology. 

 Robert  Gramss

Robert Gramss

Accounting, Valuation, and Analytics
Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS)

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Mr. Gramss is a Principal in the Accounting, Valuation, and Analytics service offering of the Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS) practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP. He leads the Federal Industry Risk Information Services data analytics offering of Deloitte & Touche LLP, providing solutions and services to assist agencies in capturing, sustaining, transforming, analyzing and visualizing their diverse data assets. His emphasis has been in using information technology, data analytics, and quantitative and statistical analysis to provide solutions to business needs in the areas of finance, controls, and risk. Mr. Gramss has over 18 years experience planning, designing, and leading data analysis, file interrogation and statistical techniques and systems, using tools such as ACL and SAS, to support and enhance audit and consulting procedures for complex, multi-system, data rich organizations in both the commercial and Federal sectors.

Session: Applying a Risk Intelligent Modeling (RIM) Approach to Financial Management Transformation

 Bill  Haffey

Bill Haffey

Manager, SPSS Technical Professional Group, Federal IMT


Bio is forthcoming.

Session: The Many Facets of 'Predictive' Analytics in Government

 Hudson Hollister

Hudson Hollister



Hudson Hollister founded HData to help data companies build the relationships, strategies, and understanding they need to deploy their technologies to transform business and governance.

Hudson is a securities lawyer, former regulator, former Congressional investigator, and trade association executive. He has invested his career in applying technological innovations to make regulation, government, and law work better.

Hudson founded the Data Coalition and served as its first executive director. The Data Coalition is the world's largest open data trade association. Its nearly fifty member companies work together to advocate for policy reforms to adopt common data structures across government management and compliance reporting. The Data Coalition has successfully passed multiple data reforms in Congress.

Hudson also founded the Data Foundation, a research nonprofit which works to define an open and standardized future for our society's data. The Data Foundation has published market-leading research in the potential of technology to deliver better government management, create public transparency, and automate compliance tasks. The Foundation also works with government agencies to educate civil servants on how to use government data to solve problems. The Foundation hosts Data Transparency, the largest annual open data conference in the United States.

Hudson has written legislation, testified before Congress, and served as a board member and advisor to diverse startup companies and nonprofit organizations. He received the Federal 100 Award in 2015 and 2019.

Session: Future Data Standardization Mandates and What They Mean for Analytics

 Gus Hunt

Gus Hunt

Chief Technology Officer

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Mr. Gus Hunt currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Chief Information Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In this capacity, Mr. Hunt is responsible for setting the strategic technology direction to enable CIA's missions, for driving the rapid insertion and adoption of new capabilities to keep pace with technology change in the commercial sector, and for engaging actively across the IC to share and communicate IT solutions.

Previously, Mr. Hunt served as the Director of Applications Services for CIA. In this role, he was charged with building IT systems to support and enable effective execution of CIA's missions and business. Mr. Hunt also set the vision and direction for applications development at CIA: driving the investment and development process to build core and common services; constructing the enterprise data layer; bringing in training and coaching to drive rapid adoption and effective use of Agile Development within Applications Services; and implementing earned value - management and total-cost-of-ownership business processes to dramatically improve management decision effectiveness. He holds a ME in Civil/Structural Engineering from Vanderbilt University and is married with two grown children.

Panel Discussion: Using Data Analytics to Improve Risk Management, Cyber Security, and DHS Policy

 Piyanka Jain

Piyanka Jain


Aryng LLC

In more than 15 years as an analytics leader, Aryng Founder Piyanka Jain is a leading expert in Data Literacy, building Data Culture, Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics. She is an Amazon #1 bestselling author in Data Mining, paid keynoter in conferences as well as contributes to Forbes, HBR, InsideHR, TDWI, Experian, Modern Workplace, Predictive Analytics World, etc. She has developed the BADIR framework which enables 10X+ faster insights, 20X+ impact and driven $1b+ in business impact for her clients. She has two Masters degrees, with her thesis involving applied mathematics and statistics. Before founding Aryng, she was the Head of Business Analytics at PayPal-North America.

Session: 5 Myths of Predictive Analytics

 Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones

Owner and Principal Consultant

Strategy First Analytics

Bryan Jones, Owner and Principal Consultant of Strategy First Analytics, is a former Elder Research and federal government employee with over 33 years of experience successfully managing and leading programs and people. Bryan’s focus is to translate the value of analytics and develop an analytics business strategy for government agencies and commercial business operations.

Bryan was the Deputy Assistant Inspector General for the US Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General where he developed their first data analytics unit.  This is where he discovered his passion: the combining of business knowledge with the technology and science of data mining to help transform the way government does business.

Under Bryan's leadership the data analytics team grew from 6 employees to 40, from an annual budget of $0 to over $3.5 million, and was elevated from a small support group to directly supporting executive leadership.

With Return on Investment of over 10-fold and with analytics driving strategic planning at USPS OIG, many other government agencies benchmarked Bryan’s work and now use his blueprint to build their own capabilities or to improve their analytics operations in ways that are measurable and transformational.

Bryan’s education is as diverse as his career with his latest studies in leadership and management coming from the Lincoln Leadership Institute and the University of Mary Washington.

Panel Discussion: How to Start a Data Analytics Group

 David  Kaufman

David Kaufman

Director of Policy and Program Analysis


David J. Kaufman was appointed Director of FEMA's Office of Policy and Program Analysis (OPPA) in September 2009. In this position he is responsible for providing leadership, analysis, coordination, and decision-making support to the FEMA Administrator on a wide range of Agency policies, strategy, plans, programs, and key initiatives. Mr. Kaufman has extensive experience with homeland security and emergency management issues. He has been a member of the faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security, where he has taught in the Center's graduate and executive level education programs, was the Safety and Security Director for CNA, and non-profit think-tank, and has previously served in several senior positions in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and in FEMA.

DHS Panel: Strategy & Policy of Data Analytics

 Larry Koskinen

Larry Koskinen

Chief Risk Officer

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Larry Koskinen has served the public interest for more than forty years through executive positions in the federal government, commercial professional services firms, and non-profit organizations, both within the United States and abroad.  He is a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service, and is currently serving as Chief Risk Officer at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He recently led the Business Transformation Team for New Core, HUD’s administrative shared services partnership with the Treasury Administrative Resource Center, and, at the invitation of the Office of Management and Budget, led the project team that drafted the government-wide playbook for federal shared services adoption.  Prior to joining HUD, he served as an executive in the federal Inspector General community, managing analytics, finance, human capital, information technology, strategic planning and support operations at the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.  He has been involved in multiple federal-level government reform efforts, notably the Reagan-era Grace Commission, and the Clinton-era National Performance Review.

Koskinen was a Vice President at the non-profit Council for Excellence in Government, and a Vice President at the international development consultancy Development Alternatives, Inc.  Prior to that he was Director of Administration and Finance at the non-profit Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest.  He was Management Officer for Peace Corps International Operations and also Chief Business Architect.  He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Juris Doctorate from American University’s Washington College of Law.

Panel Discussion: Using Data Analytics to Improve Risk Management, Cyber Security, and DHS Policy

 Christopher  Larmey

Christopher Larmey

Assurance Systems

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Christopher Larmey works in the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Assurance Systems Department. He works with staff and managers throughout the laboratory to better analyze, understand, communicate and use data to improve performance. His recent efforts have been focused on enterprise risk management and performance analysis. He has been at the Laboratory for over 20 years and has additional experience in the areas of assurance, analytics, data visualization, predictive modeling, strategic planning, assessment, issue management, quality, systems development and process improvement. Prior to coming to Laboratory he worked for 8 years in the communications and aerospace industries. He has a B.S. in Engineering and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona.

Session: Preventing Catastrophic Incidents By Predicting Where They Are Most Likely To Occur And Why

 Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

Audit Manager


Matthew Miller is an audit manager for the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General where he manages a team that audits all phases of Postal Service facilities activities, with an emphasis on systemic issues. They review the planning, leasing, contracting, acquiring, designing, and constructing of facilities to house Postal Service operations, which includes facility contracts and leases, and the review of proposed legislation and policy on facility-related issues.

Matthew began his government career in 1991, when he joined the Internal Revenue Service as an internal auditor. He performed a variety of audit functions that included performance, internal, financial, and fraud auditing. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Simpson College, and is a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and three kids.

Session: Audit Analytics: Prioritizing Audits of Facility Lease Renewals

 Brian  Montgomery

Brian Montgomery

Former Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Bio is forthcoming!

SAS Panel: Gaining Executive and Senior Management Support for Predictive Analytics

 David Nelson

David Nelson

Director Data Analytics and Control Group (DACG)

Center for Program Integrity at the Centers
for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

David Nelson currently serves as the Director Data Analytics and Control Group (DACG) for the Center for Program Integrity at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The DACG is CMS’ primary focal point for analytics related to fraud, waste and abuse and provides statistical and data analysis for program integrity issues in the original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plan and Medicaid programs. David Nelson joined CMS in 2004. As the Director, Division of Call Center Systems, Office of External Affairs and Beneficiary Services (OEABS), David served as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and managed an annual IT investment portfolio exceeding $50 million; leading teams of 12 to 300 staff/consultants charged with the improving access to information for 40 Million Medicare beneficiaries.

Prior to joining CMS, David served in a variety of challenging private sector leadership roles. David co-founded two development stage companies to develop last mile broadband access products and services for underserved markets in the U.S. He served as Vice President of Operations for several leading IT development and telecommunications companies. Mr. Nelson also served in the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Yakota AB Japan, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Keynote: Predictive Modeling to Find Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse at CMS

 David  Perera

David Perera

Executive Editor, Government Group

FierceMarkets and Editor, FierceHomelandSecurity

David Perera is executive editor of government publications at FierceMarkets, which includes FierceHomelandSecurity. He has reported widely on technology and security issues and his work has appeared in both U.S. and international publications.

DHS Panel: Strategy & Policy of Data Analytics

 Ingrid Petrakis

Ingrid Petrakis

Claimant Fraud Specialist
Data Mining Group

US Postal Service Office of Inspector General

Ingrid began her career with the US Postal Service in 1987, gaining experience as an Injury Compensation Specialist, and Occupational Health Nurse Administrator. She received her BSN from Florida International University and is a licensed registered nurse. In 2004, Ingrid joined the US Postal Inspection Service as a Postal Inspector assigned to the Healthcare Fraud Team identifying and investigating employees' abusing the Federal Employee's Compensation Act (FECA). Ingrid joined the USPS OIG as a Special Agent in 2006 and has assisted in the development of the healthcare fraud program as an agent, subject matter expert, and desk officer engaged in reviewing all investigative results related to the program. Ingrid provided guidance to agents and managers throughout the OIG concerning FECA investigations, and assisted in the development of training programs for the OIG. Ingrid now works for the Chief Technology Officer as a Claimant Fraud Specialist responsible for building and maintaining predictive analytic models and data reporting that support healthcare fraud investigations.

Session: Healthcare Fraud - Detecting Workers' Compensation Fraud with Predictive Analytics

 Gerhard Pilcher

Gerhard Pilcher

President & CEO

Elder Research

Gerhard enjoys predictive analytics and data mining, especially related to the areas of Fraud Detection, Financial Risk Management, and Health Care outcomes using various analytical methods, working with people, leading change, and timely management of complex projects. His work experience spans both private and government sectors including international experience.

Gerhard is coauthor of the popular book “Mining Your Own Business”. The book targets executives and senior managers who desire to evolve their organizations with better data driven decisions. The book is designed to have dual purpose as an introduction to the subject of data science and as a useful reference for specific, daily guidance. 

Gerhard previously taught at Georgetown University as an adjunct faculty member in the Math and Statistics Master’s degree program. He has also been an instructor for the three-day SAS Business Knowledge Series course "Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices" and an invited speaker at domestic and international conferences.

Gerhard currently serves on the Institute for Advanced Analytics Advisory Board and George Washington University’s Advisory Board for the Business Analytics graduate program. He was named to the NC State Computer Science Department’s “Hall of Fame” in its inaugural year.  

Moderator: How to Start a Data Analytics Group
Panel Discussion: Using Data Analytics to Improve Risk Management, Cyber Security, and DHS Policy

 Marshall  Presser

Marshall Presser

Field Chief Technology Officer

Greenplum, A Division of EMC

Marshall Presser is Field CTO for Greenplum, A Division of EMC, where he helps customers solve complex analytic problems with the Greenplum Database and works on issues of integrating Hadoop with relational databases. Prior to coming to EMC, he spent 12 years at Oracle, specializing in High Availability, Business Continuity, Clustering, Disaster Recovery and Large Scale Database Systems. Marshall has also worked for a number of hardware vendors implementing clusters and other parallel architectures. His background includes parallel computation, operating system and compiler development as well as private consulting for organizations in healthcare, financial services, and federal and state governments. Marshall holds a B.A in Mathematics and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a M.Sc. in Computing from Imperial College, London.

Session: Big Data Analytics Best Practices of Real-World Government Agencies

 Holly Roller

Holly Roller

Director of Forensic Audit

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan
Reconstruction (SIGAR)

Ms. Roller is the Director of Forensic Audit at the Special Inspector General’s Office for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). She has been responsible for building the Forensic team from the ground-up and developing and implementing a robust proactive forensic program to identify fraud and abuse related to the reconstruction effort within Afghanistan.

Prior to SIGAR, Ms. Roller lead the Forensic Audit team within the Audit department of Verizon Wireless and was responsible for strategic management for both fraud focused and compliance related forensic initiatives and assisted in building the team from scratch. Ms. Roller developed a series of 30+ continuous monitoring programs to identify red-flags of fraudulent activity resulting in the identification of over $5.9M in fraudulent activity, $3.2M in recoveries and numerous criminal prosecutions.

Ms. Roller holds a MAS concentrated in Forensic Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a BBA in Accounting Information Systems from James Madison University.

Panel Discussion: How to Start a Data Analytics Group

 Emily  Shammas

Emily Shammas

Operations Research Analyst


Emily Shammas is an analyst in the Office of Research, Analysis, and Statistics (RAS) at the Internal Revenue Service. She has been with the IRS since 2006. Ms. Shammas develops and implements predictive analytic tools that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IRS operations, specifically in the areas of strategic workforce planning and compliance. Ms. Shammas received her undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Mary's College of Maryland and her Master's in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

IRS Panel: Strategic Workforce Analytics Tool at IRS

 Dean  Silverman

Dean Silverman

Director of Office of Compliance Analytics


Mr. Silverman is currently Senior Advisor to the Commissioner at the IRS and lead executive for the Office of Compliance Analytics. He joined the IRS in January 2011 in response to the Commissioner's priority to add data-driven analytic expertise and new thinking to core compliance activities. Prior to the IRS, Dean spent more than 25 years leading a series of strategy consulting firms known for analytic innovation and the development of value-driven corporate and business strategies. He began his career at Bain & Co., led Strategic Planning Associates (which spawned numerous methodologies and companies like Capital One), Mercer Management Consulting strategy and R&D operations worldwide, and his own strategy boutique. He has served on numerous Boards of Directors. He was a Senior Advisor at Oliver Wyman, as well as an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, at both the MBA and undergraduate levels. Dean holds a BA, summa cum laude, from Yale and a JD from Columbia University School of Law.

Keynote: Making Analytics Pay

 Tommy  Smith

Tommy Smith

Director of OPERA


As Director of the Office of Program Evaluation and Risk Analysis (OPERA) within the Internal Revenue Service, Tommy Smith is responsible for providing internal consulting and analytical services to support the IRS in tax administration. With a diverse internal customer base ranging from taxpayer service and enforcement functions to internal operations support, OPERA manages a variety of projects geared toward improving efficiencies and promoting tax compliance. Tommy has 21 years of experience working within the IRS. His background includes assignments in both the Examination and Collection enforcement functions, as well as Research, prior to joining OPERA in 2012. He received his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Masters degree in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University.

IRS Panel: Strategic Workforce Analytics Tool at IRS

 Bailey Spencer

Bailey Spencer

Director for Federal Civilian and Homeland Security

SAS Federal, LLC

Bailey Spencer is the Director for Federal Civilian & Homeland Security Sales for SAS Federal, LLC. Prior to joining SAS, Mr. Spencer served as General Manager and Vice President – Public Sector for Open Text, Vice President of Enterprise Application Services at Unisys Corporation, and Director, Federal Civilian and Homeland Security Sales for SAP Public Services, Inc. Mr. Spencer spent 8 years on Capitol Hill in professional staff positions with the House Telecommunications and Finance subcommittee and the bipartisan New England Congressional Caucus. Mr. Spencer earned a Masters in Public Administration and was a Littauer Fellow at the Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and has a B.A. in Political Science from Colgate University.

SAS Panel: Gaining Executive and Senior Management Support for Predictive Analytics

 Val  Stoyanov

Val Stoyanov

Program Manager, Federal Network Security Department, National Cyber Security Division


Mr. Val Stoyanov is a Program Manager leading the Analysis and Reporting group within the Federal Network Security Department, National Cyber Security Division at DHS. He is responsible for data consolidation, aggregation, modeling and reporting. Being also responsible for reporting the validation of DNSSEC across the Federal Government, he delivered a keynote presentation at FOSE 2012 entitled "Uptake of DNSSEC in the .GOV domain." Mr. Stoyanov has been with DHS since November of 2011. Prior to his DHS tenure, he was the IT Security Manager at Dickstein Shapiro LLP. Being one of the first dedicated IT Security Managers in the Legal Community, he developed and built the Firm's IT Security Program and participated actively in the CISO community. Previous to Dickstein Shapiro LLP, Mr. Stoyanov was a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM leading medium and large scale engagements focusing on risk analytics and mitigation.

He holds a B.A.Sc degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and a B.Sc. degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland with a certificate in Information Assurance. Currently, he is also teaching Information Assurance as an Adjunct Professor at Blue Ridge Community College.

DHS Panel: Strategy & Policy of Data Analytics

 Rahul  Tikekar

Rahul Tikekar

Computer Scientist


Rahul Tikekar is a computer scientist with the Intelligent Business Solutions group of the NHQ Office of Research, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a position he has held since April 2008. His primary duties include developing algorithms and tools to process tax data. Prior to joining the IRS he was associate professor of computer science at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. He holds a BS degree in computer science from Bangalore University, India and an MS and PhD degrees from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

IRS Panel: Strategic Workforce Analytics Tool at IRS

 Dave Vennergrund

Dave Vennergrund

Director, Data Analytics Center of Excellence

Salient Federal Solutions

Mr. Vennergrund is an industry leader in the application of predictive analytics to big data problems. He is responsible for leading and expanding innovations and best practices for the Salient Data Analytics Center of Excellence in data architecture, data science, big data, and predictive analytics. He has led numerous business intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and data mining-based proof-of-concepts and projects across the Federal government including intelligence analytics (Intelligence Community, DOJ, DHS); budget forecasting for HUD and DOD; improper payment prevention at IRS, USDA, CMS, VA, DFAS, and OPM; and predictive modeling for DOI, EPA, US AID, and VA.

Session: Forecasting Housing Subsidy Need in an Uncertain Economy

 Fred  Walker

Fred Walker

Technical Director, Counterintelligence Knowledge Management


Special Agent Fred Walker is the Technical Director for Counterintelligence Knowledge Management at NSA with 35 years experience in security, counterintelligence and knowledge management. He created NSA’s insider threat analysis division and led the development of a suite of tools to accomplish this challenge. The stand up of the Data Exploitation and Analysis effort was just the beginning of his influence on how insider threat is addressed across the Intelligence Community and numerous federal agencies. He continues to be a leader in collaboration for multi-intelligence, multi-agency integration and analysis utilizing predictive techniques.

Panel Discussion: How to Start a Data Analytics Group

 Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Executive Director

Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board

Michael Wood is the Executive Director of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. He coordinates the Board's activities working with OMB, Congress, federal agencies, the states, award recipients, and the public to ensure the Board carries out its transparency and accountability missions in overseeing the $840 billion dollar recovery program. Prior to this, he served as Director of for two years. In that role he provided executive leadership for development and implementation of the Board's award winning web systems, and Among the many firsts for these systems was successful collection of sub-recipient information and the first government wide system migrated to a cloud environment. Mr. Wood has 34 years of experience with the federal government and has served as a senior executive in three agencies. He holds masters degrees in Technology Management and Environmental Biology.

Keynote: Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board Use of Analytics and Data for Fraud Prevention

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