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Thanks for attending Predictive Analytics World for Workforce 2016, we can't wait to see you again in 2017. Recap of what you missed:
Predictive Analytics World For Workforce (PAWW) Reflections
Predictive Analytics World: Workforce 2016

Even though the conference is over, doesn't mean the networking is. Follow the hashtag #PAWWorkforce to stay connected or check out the Predictive Analytics Times.

Predictive Analytics World for Workforce: April 3 - 6, 2016

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Greta Roberts
Greta Roberts
Co-Founder & CEO
Talent Analytics, Corp.
Your Place in the Future of Workforce Analytics
Burke Powers
Burke Powers
Sr. Director, People Data,
Reporting, and Analytics
What Workforce Analytics Can Learn from the Marketing Analytics Domain
Cigdem Gencer
Cigdem Gencer
EVP, Head of International Human Resources
Wells Fargo
Leapfrogging Ahead: How to Drive Human Capital Analytics

Special plenary session from industry heavy-weight
Holger Mueller
Holger Mueller
Principal Analyst & VP
Constellation Research, Inc.
The State of Predictive Workforce Analytics in Enterprise Applications


Optimize your organization's greatest asset: its workforce. Every single product built, service provided, goal achieved, sale made, or error made, every single thing that happens at your company happens because of an employee.

Until recently, predictive analytics approaches were used to drive enterprise performance by predicting customer, voter, debtor, and other human behaviors. Today, predictive analytics can be similarly applied to drive performance and lifetime value of its workforce. Predictive workforce analytics can help answer questions such as; who will accelerate, who will terminate, who has the greatest lifetime value, and more.

Predictive Analytics World for Workforce (PAW Workforce) gathers a powerhouse of the most innovative workforce data scientists, employers, and vendors pioneering in the predictive analytics domain to solve these (and more) workforce optimization challenges.

PAW Workforce 2016 Dates This conference will be held April 3 - 6, 2016 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

PAW Workforce is the premier predictive workforce conference for workforce data scientists, workforce / HR analysts, and business leaders. This global, cross-industry event highlights predictive solutions to today's greatest challenges in business optimization - workforce performance and attrition.

PAW Workforce 2016 will discuss case studies and brilliant workforce solutions in the following areas

Who Should Attend:

This conference discusses predictive workforce solutions in depth vs. an HR conference lightly touching on analytics. As such, this Conference is targeted to HR Leaders, workforce analysts / data scientists and end users wanting to learn more about how others are using predictive analytics to solve workforce challenges. This includes analytics-friendly line of business, human capital leaders and data scientists expanding their work into the workforce domain. It isn't necessary to be a data scientist or statistician to attend. Business leaders, HR and data scientists will find this conference to be extremely valuable in learning how to apply predictive solutions to solve workforce challenges.

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