Predictive Analytics World San Francisco | March 4-10, 2012

Sports Analytics Revolution
the NBA, MLB, NFL's Competitive Edge
Predictive Analytics World, March 4–10, 2012

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Check out these sessions featuring sports analytics at Predictive Analytics World, March 4-10:

Bartev Vartanian
Case Study: Major League Baseball
MLB Pitchers: A Look at the Numbers
Bartev Vartanian, Dataspora
Baseball enthusiasts and statisticians have found common ground in the field of Sabermetrics – the application of statistics to baseball. Since the installation of the PITCHf/x tracking system in major league ballparks, data has been generated on the type, velocity, and displacement for every pitch thrown in the MLB. We present the findings from an investigation focused on MLB pitchers leveraging this treasure trove of information.

In this presentation we investigate how pitchers generate value. We discuss methods that explore pitching speed and control data simultaneously. We also identify the factors that are most important in determining value generation.

Benjamin Alamar
Case Study: NFL, MLB, & NBA
Competing & Winning with Sports Analytics
Benjamin Alamar, Menlo College
The field of sports analytics ties together the tools of data management, predictive modeling and information systems to provide sports organization a competitive advantage. The field is rapidly developing based on new and expanded data sources, greater recognition of the value, and past success of a variety of sports organizations. Teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, as well as other organizations have found a competitive edge with the application of sports analytics. The future of sports analytics can be seen through drawing on these past successes and the developments of new tools.

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