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Thank you for your interest in speaking at Predictive Analytics World for Workforce. This form pertains to PAW Workforce. If instead you are seeking to submit to another industry-focused event such as PAW Business, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare, PAW Manufacturing, or PAW Government, please start at the overall PAW call-for-speakers page.

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NOTE: If for some reason you do not receive an emailed submission confirmation within three hours after submission - a very rare or non-existent occurrence - please check your SPAM folder, re-submit your proposal with this form, and email; be certain to retain a copy of all your field entries above for your records.

Click the "Submit" button below only if you agree to the following speaker requirements and restrictions:

  • Vendor-neutral content. Your presentation may contain no "sales pitches" or sales-oriented material. Although positive exposure is generally a natural side-effect of presenting at PAW, your session must focus entirely (with the exception of a brief, "non-salesy" mention of the software solution employed, if relevant) on substantive content that the audience can implement and benefit from without necessarily buying any particular product or professional service.
  • Completed work. The work about which you are proposing to speak must be completed, and any pertinent results attained, prior to submitting the speaker submission form.
  • Named case study. If your submission indicates you have authority to share the name of the organization or department that benefited from the deployment of predictive analytics, you must attain, prior to submitting the speaker submission form, such authorization, both for it to be named within your presentation materials, as well as within PAW's event publicity materials and listings. If for any reason the organization subsequently revokes authorization to be named (i.e., "changes its mind"), the session will be cancelled from the PAW program.
  • Travel expenses. PAW does not have a budget to cover speaker travel expenses. Speakers are responsible for their own travel expenses. You certify that you have secured funds (or secured authorization for such funds, where applicable) to fully cover your travel expenses as needed in order to attend the event at which you are proposing to speak.
  • Speaker cancellation. You certify that you have the means and opportunity to attend and present at the PAW event at which you are proposing to speak, and that you have attained any pertinent authorization, such as that of your employer, prior to submitting the speaker submission form. If your submission to speak at PAW is accepted, cancellation subsequent to PAW speaker registration for any non-medical reason is against PAW policy and is considered an infraction against meeting your professional obligations. If your submission is accepted, PAW will rely on your participation and will turn away qualified speakers in favor of including your session. PAW begins publicizing your session immediately upon confirmation in order to attract attendees to the event. If medical conditions preclude your attendance at PAW, you agree to make best efforts to notify PAW as early as possible; in such a case, while assistance finding a replacement speaker is requested and appreciated, PAW must screen any prospective replacement speaker, and retains the right to find a replacement speaker on its own.
  • Agents and PR staff. If the person completing the speaker submission form is not the speaker (e.g., an agent, assistant, or PR staff), you must enter both your email address as well as the speaker's, as indicated on the submission form. You certify that you are authorized as an agent to submit the speaker proposal form on her or his behalf, and that the speaker has been consulted regarding, and is willing to agree to, the provisions listed here; upon acceptance, the speaker her- or himself will be required to explicitly agree to these provisions via the PAW Speaker Agreement.
  • Co-presenters. If not included within your speaker submission, co-presenters may only participate at PAW after attaining prior permission from PAW, and after they have undertaken PAW speaker registration.
  • Client co-presenters. If you are an analytics services vendor or consultant co-presenting with a client, per PAW policy, the cancellation of your co-presenter will result in the cancellation of your overall session.
  • Session length. You agree to participate in a speaking slot ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, at the discretion of PAW, as determined by its conference program constraints and requirements.

I have carefully read these speaker requirements and retrictions, and I agree to each provision listed above.

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