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Big Data Already Paying Off in Insurance Fraud Detection

 There’s a lot of talk right now about how big data is going to change insurance. Artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics are definitely coming, and they will definitely change the insurance industry. To get a better idea of the specific ways in which big data applications are going to play out, it’s worth examining how

Will the rise of self-service BI tools lead to the demise of the data scientist?

 Is this the beginning of the end for the vaunted data scientist? That’s the clever pitch from Tableau Software, one of a handful of business intelligence vendors pushing the envelope on self-service BI tools. Because the software’s...

Understanding Your Business With Descriptive, Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics

 Companies have long been involved in the analysis of how a company performed over time. As the history of big data shows, already for many years we try to understand how the organisations or the world around...

Analytics 3.0 — the old guard masters how to build data products

 Asked to name a big data company, many of us would say Google or Facebook or eBay. But for old-school giants such as General Electric Co. and Macy’s Inc., big data is fast becoming as central to...

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