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Predictive Analytics World For Workforce Reflections

 Here are some reflections and key takeaways. Please note this is not exhaustive! I did not see every presentation.  A sign of a great conference is how torn attendees are between concurrent presentations. Good to note that PAWWF had this key indicator. I thought about building a model to help me with that decision. Then

Wise Practitioner – Predictive Workforce Analytics Interview Series: Kathy Doan at Wells Fargo Bank

 In anticipation of her upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Workforce conference presentation, Beyond Traditional Turnover Creating Value by Quantifying the Impact of Attrition, we interviewed Kathy Doan, Vice President, Community Banking HR Insights & Analysis Group at Wells Fargo Bank. View the...

Can Employee Development Lead to Business Mediocrity?

 Our predictive workforce assignments yield staggering results; saving / making businesses millions of real, measurable dollars.  Often this yield is in a single project. Business ROI with these predictive projects is so significant, I wanted to share...

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