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Will Big Data Change your Check-Up Experience Soon?

  Sometime in the not-so-distant future, getting a checkup will be very different. When the doctor writes down your symptoms, it will be cross-checked with others in your area, making it easier to identify outbreaks and epidemics sooner. If you complain of shortness of breath, your phone’s heart rate monitor will instantly report how well

Why HR Departments Should Be Embracing Big Data

 When you hear the term Big Data you might associate it with certain functions of an organization, like marketing, product development or customer relationship management. You may not think about HR as part of this equation. By...

MIT researcher discusses a new study on correlations among medical problems

 3 Questions: Carlo Ratti on big data and health predictions What can big data tell us about the predictability of medical conditions? A new study by MIT researchers published in the journal Scientific Reports digs into this...

The IoT and Big Data Are Teaming Up to Push Healthcare Further Than Ever

 In the move to take healthcare to the next level, no conversation would be complete without a discussion on the impact of big data. With so many hospitals and health institutions using electronic medical records now, the...

The Seattle Police Department Is Pondering What to Do With Body Cam Data

 Can body cam software flag problematic officer behavior? There are few things sexier to the corporate world than big data algorithms. As us plebes continue to upload more finely detailed pictures of ourselves online—with much of that...

Debunked! 9 Myths about Big Data and Hadoop

 These unfounded beliefs about budget skills, technology, and technology fit can lead you astray. Big data analytics is one of the major trends every company is told it must jump on for competitive advantage, even survival. As...

Text Analytics: The Next Generation of Big Data

 In insideBIGDATA‘s special guest feature, Jeff Catlin of Lexalytics lays out the case for text analytics and its importance to the rising interest in big data. Jeff is CEO of Lexalytics, a company providing sentiment and intent...

How to Become a Data-Driven Company Overnight

 Strahan Wilson, CFO at sandwich chain EAT, explains how predictive analytics has helped him keep the shelves stocked, the customers happy and the shops fully staffed during peak periods. Historically, predictive analysis has been the preserve of...

Overstatement of Results in Predictive Analytics


The Biggest Lever to Success in Predictive Analytics


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