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Uncle Sam Wants Your Deep Neural Networks

   Originally published in NYTimes, June 22, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — The Department of Homeland Security is turning to data scientists to improve screening techniques at airports. On Thursday, the department, working with Google, introduced a $1.5 million contest to build computer algorithms that can automatically identify concealed items in images captured by checkpoint body scanners. The government is putting

Big Data Already Paying Off in Insurance Fraud Detection

 There’s a lot of talk right now about how big data is going to change insurance. Artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics are definitely coming, and they will definitely change the insurance industry. To get a better idea...

Highway to Health: Predictive Analytics has Great Potential in Medicine

 While a computer that could predict your future is tantalizing. Would you want a glimpse into your future, whether it be good or bad? Until recently, most medical statistics have been bell curves created in hindsight. We...

Million-Dollar Babies

 As Silicon Valley fights for talent, universities struggle to hold on to their stars THAT a computer program can repeatedly beat the world champion at Go, a complex board game, is a coup for the fast-moving field...

Oracle’s Ten Enterprise Big Data Predictions for 2016

 Companies big and small are finding new ways to capture and use more data. The push to make big data more mainstream will get stronger in 2016. Here are Oracle’s top 10 predictions: 1. Data civilians operate more...

How artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking big data

 Big data and how best to utilise it has become a perennial subject, and the endless debates around it rarely come to a satisfactory conclusion. However, it is technology that will unlock the benefits, and narrow AI...

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