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Predictive Analytics Times


Only 17% of Insurers Use Predictive Analytics in Claims: Towers Watson

 However, the seventh installment of the company’s Property & Casualty Claim Officer Survey indicates that use of these technologies is on the rise. Despite many months of commentary indicating the value of predictive analytics in claims, the number of complete implementations at P&C insurers is low, according to the latest installment of New York-based Towers

Big Data, Mobility, Cloud Technologies Put Pressure on Federal IT

 To overcome these challenges, network managers expect to transform almost half of their agency’s infrastructure by 2015. Federal agencies plan to fully deploy data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data and cloud computing (the Big Five) efforts...

Who Has The Largest Predictive Data Analytics?

 With vast amount of data that currently available, who should be able to predict the future the most? Should it be Google? Facebook? Twitter? Google claim to be able to predict the flu epidemic in the future, and other...

Data Visualizations: Do You Prefer Destroyed Farms or Fancy Pies?

  Analytics and big data are becoming business imperatives. One big element that separates them from unstructured data pools or BI drill-down reports is that analytics can be used to “tell a story,” typically with visualizations. The...

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