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1 year ago
The Harvard Business Review Video Interview: Eric Siegel on Predictive Analytics


Originally published by Harvard Business Review

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Prediction is reinventing industries and changing our worlds. Companies, governments, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and universities are using the power of big data and analytics to predict whether we’re going to “click, buy, lie, or die.”

Today, companies that leverage predictive analytics to boost sales, identify the best talent, create new products, and make better decisions are gaining a competitive edge in every industry.

But to unleash this powerful data, companies must understand the objectives and techniques — and the limits — of predictive models. The organization must develop a data strategy, and the whole company must commit to a plan for executing on the insights that are gained.

In this webinar, Eric Siegel, author of the best-selling book Predictive Analytics, discusses:

  • Where leading organizations are using predictive analytics to drive better decisions and achieve better bottom-line results in a wide range of industries
  • What companies must do to leverage predictive analytics and the importance of data prep
  • How to set business goals and understand which specific predictions are going to help
  • Why an organizational plan — not just a technical plan — for execution on insights is crucial

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