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4 years ago
Eric Siegel Discusses Predictive Analytics and Civil Liberties on KCRW’s Radio Show


Last week on “To the Point,” an NPR-syndicated radio show, Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel discussed predictive analytics in relation to civil liberties. While being interviewed along with a WSJ journalist, a New York Times/New Yorker journalist, and a law professor, he talked about ways in which predictive analytics delivers both great benefits and yet some possible risks to civil liberties. With 4,000 companies vending consumer data, the public interest in this topic is growing.

In this segment, for example, Siegel relates quandaries in predictive law enforcement to an impending controversy regarding driverless cars.

Tune in to this predictive analytics perplexity by listening to this informative radio segment.

Also, see the related article by Siegel in the Profiles in Diversity Journal, “The Risk of Prejudice in Computerized Prediction.

By: Crystal Prag, Event Marketing Manager, Rising Media, Inc.

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