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Opera Solutions delivers rapid profit improvement by coupling machine intelligence with human insight. Established in 2004, we now have 400+ professionals, with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and clients in financial services, retailing, entertainment/media, consumer goods, health care, structured finance, government, and manufacturing.

Opera uniquely mixes technology, advanced analytics, software and consulting expertise, with 125+ scientists and 150+ consultants worldwide. (Opera was part of "The Ensemble", which tied for first - against 41,000 teams - in the Netflix Prize). Our analytics expertise and consultants' industry and functional knowledge help us rapidly deliver profit growth (typically, in 3 to 5 months). The firm works end-to-end: for instance, in pricing optimization projects, we not only dynamically determine the right prices, but also update and push them to the market; in marketing projects, we formulate daily recommendations for clients' customers, and deliver them to sales people and consumers through our Cloud-based delivery platform.

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