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Since 2009, Predictive Analytics World has been the leading commercial event for advanced analytics and machine learning — it's a must-attend for data scientists pursuing the latest techniques.

2017 is YOUR year to become a speaker

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Predictive Analytics World Events in New York

Business - Financial - Healthcare

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Join PAW Business, PAW Financial, or PAW Healthcare to share how predictive analytics delivers an impact for your organization. Presenting at PAW is a fulfilling way to engage with the leading cross-vendor community of the field, and provides complimentary registration/access to the PAW event.

Predictive Analytics World is the only conference of its kind, with sessions and content reaching:

  • Across business applications - For what purpose is predictive analytics deployed?
  • Across industries - Where is predictive analytics deployed?
  • Across vendors of solutions and software - How is predictive analytics deployed?

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