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Bala Deshpande

Bala Deshpande

Bala Deshpande, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon), MBA (University of Michigan), is the founding partner at SimaFore, a boutique consulting company that focuses on providing custom analytics solutions for manufacturing, marketing and non-profits.

Dr. Deshpande's has two decades of experience in using analytical techniques. His first exposure to predictive models and analytics was in academia, in the field of biomechanics - for identifying correlations and building regression models to predict muscle forces based on electrical activity in muscles. He began his career in the industry as an engineering consultant at EASi Engineering, following which he spent several years analyzing data from automobile crash tests and helping to build safer cars at Ford Motor Company. He has been actively involved in promoting information theory based analytical techniques for a range of applications from performance measurement in organizations to healthcare. He is an active blogger and is currently wrapping up a book on Predictive Analytics and Data Mining to be published by Morgan Kaufman.

He is currently the Co-Chair for Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing, Chicago.

About the founding chair of Predictive Analytics World.

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