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11Ants Analytics is committed to making advanced predictive analytics accessible to non-technical people. We build incredibly powerful predictive analytics software which is deceptively simple to use.

This simplicity is important, as it means our software can be used by people who previously never would have considered attempting predictive analytics - empowering massive advances in business, science and government.

11Ants Model Builder upgrades Microsoft Excel into a powerful predictive analytics tool. Anyone who can use Excel can build advanced predictive models, and do so in a very familiar environment. The intimidation most non-technical people experience when attempting predictive analytics is completely eliminated by our embedded HyperLearn technology, which emulates the best practices of a data mining expert and does the complex work for the user – a highly experienced, highly competent autopilot.

11Ants Model Builder is the result of over three years of development by 11Ants Analytics, and is inspired by machine learning research at New Zealand's University of Waikato – home of one of the most respected data mining and machine learning groups in the world.

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