Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
How to Apply Machine Learning to Business Problems
 Originally published in Emerj, April 25, 2020. It’s easy...
Guidebook to the Future of Data Science: How to Navigate the Increasingly Symbiotic Dynamic Between Executives and Universities
 Book Review of Closing the Analytics Talent Gap: An...
Guilty or Not Guilty: Weight of Evidence
 You have been invited to serve as a juror...
How Machine Learning Works for Social Good
  Originally published in KDnuggets, Nov 2020. This article...

2 years ago
The Data Scientist: Specialist or Generalist

 By: Richard Boire, Senior Vice President, Environics Analytics For more from this writer, Richard Boire, see his session, “Demystifying Machine Learning-An Historical Perspective of What is New vs. Not New” at PAW Industry 4.0, June 19, 2019, in Las Vegas, part of Mega-PAW. As a practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the field, the discipline of data science has evolved dramatically. As I have discussed at length in previous articles and in my book, the approach and process in conducting data science exercises has not changed. Yet technology has transformed the discipline in that many tasks

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