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Measuring Invisible Treatment Effects with Uplift Analysis

  Models make predictions by identifying consistent correlations in what has been observed, but we usually require more than predictions to know what action we should take. For example, knowing that older people are more likely to have heart disease is a good first step, but knowing behaviors or treatments that will reduce the risk

Election Analytics Falacies: “Moneyball” Doesn’t Always Win

 Originally published in For the past week or so, an article titled “The Data That Turned the World Upside Down” has been following me around like a bad headcold. The article tells a compelling “whodunit” story...

Numbers Game: Will Predictive Analytics Decide September’s Federal Election?

 A week after November’s United States presidential election and Nate Silver was everywhere. Already an established member of the American political commentariat via his blog, Silver’s name went into the stratosphere after he correctly predicted the...