Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
Explainable Machine Learning, Model Transparency, and the Right to Explanation
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Guidebook to the Future of Data Science: How to Navigate the Increasingly Symbiotic Dynamic Between Executives and Universities
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Guilty or Not Guilty: Weight of Evidence
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How Machine Learning Works for Social Good
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3 months ago
Diversity and Collaborative Problem Solving to Address Wicked Data Ethics Problems

 The complexity of the ethical issues facing professionals who work in machine learning, data science, analytics, and related professions have all the hallmarks of a “wicked problem”.  Rittel and Weber, the researchers responsible for coining the term “wicked problems”, believed a more inclusive approach to problem-solving was especially important in diverse and pluralistic societies where one cannot assume that individuals or even sub-groups of individuals will share “virtues and values” that may emanate from shared cultural backgrounds. Research on group decision making shows that the more diverse teams are more successful. Teams that include both individuals with inherent

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