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  • IIA - A peer-based research community
    The IIA is dedicated to the advancement of analytics in everyday business practices and brings together the world's leading practitioners and researchers to provide insights, the most current research findings and industry best practices.
    Tips, Tricks, and comments related to data mining and predictive analytics, including data preprocessing, visualization, modeling, and model deployment.
  • Alpha Analysis
    Research consulting firm that specializes in creating custom analytical solutions to clients in the areas of statistical analysis, data mining, econometric modeling, and predictive modeling and forecasting.
  • Beyond the Arc
    Beyond the Arc is a full-service agency that leverages its expertise in predictive and text analytics to help companies transform their customer experience across all touch points. Though data analytics, strategic assessment and training, they help companies identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, expand their audience, grow new revenue streams and strengthen their brand promise..
  • Big Data Cloud
    Big Data Cloud is a not-for-profit organization for evangelizing around Big Data & the Cloud technologies. It currently has 4200+ members and holds monthly meetups in the Bay Area.
  • CANDDi
    Observations from the CANDDi team on prospect analytics, the very personal science of identifying, analysing and converting online leads
  • Carpe Datum Rx
    Businesses that have unique insights on their market and stakeholders make better decisions than those who lack this perspective. Carpe Datum Rx is a forum for the application of predictive analytics to build Business Perspective Solutions.
  • Cristian Mesiano
    A space to exchange ideas that works in enterprise contexts.
  • Damo Consulting
    We are an analytics consulting and global sourcing advisory services firm focused exclusively on the healthcare sector. We serve healthcare enterprises as well as global services firms with growth strategy initiatives, advanced analytics programs, technology sourcing and adoption of cloud-based models.
  • Data Miners, Inc.
    Data Miners is a consultancy that brings together several of the world's foremost experts in applying advanced data mining techniques to generate true business intelligence. We help our clients compete on analytics.
  • Data of Things
    'D' of Things is a blog devoted to all things data and its value: big and small. From analytics to the internet of things, the blog provides comments, opinion and content all around the data management industry, occasionally rants on other related topics.
  • Data Mining 101
    A Data Mining Blog focusing on Predictive Analytics, Data Warehousing and techniques to use when mining your company's data. Topics range from querying your data sets to which statistical model to use for your predictive model.
  • was created to bring the benefits of decision research to everyone. Search engines tend to focus on the answers with no connection or context to the problem being solved or the question being asked. No decision sits in isolation. Each decision is part of a larger structure of Connected Decisions(tm). This then provides the context for the current decision and enables effective use of predictive analytics.
    A Blog that has the widest range of Interviews in the Data Driven Strategy field, also explores the Internet and Social Media from a Data perspective. Focussed on covering the predictive and business intelligence industry.

    Dude of Data
    An offshoot from the Blog- this blog tries to increase the pool of developers for the analytics and data mining industry by making learning analytics softwares and data mining solutions fun by a changed presentation.
    ECOPA meets the challenge of in-depth analysis and data mining. Predictive modeling based on advanced microeconomic techniques and statistical tools is our main domain of expertise. Our clients are companies and administrations: today about every industry has millions of micro data waiting to be analyzed. ECOPA's goal is to generate a significant return on investment from our interventions.
  • Fern Halper
    Data makes the world go ‘round.
  • Global Market Insights, Inc.
    Global Market Insights, Inc. A global market research and specialized growth consulting company that empowers large corporations, innovative start-ups, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, universities and government institutions to achieve their strategic goals with the help of insights derived through our syndicated, customized research & consulting services. Our industry research reports (ex: healthcare predictive analytics market) are designed to provide granular quantitative information, combined with key technology & market insights, aimed at assisting sustainable organizational development. We partner clients on every aspect of strategy, including technology landscaping, product development, strategic IP, application modeling, exploring new markets and tapping into niche growth opportunities. Read our market research blog at
  • HealthIT and mHealth is a blog, forum and informational website about Healthcare Informatics and Mobile Health. It contains information about Healthcare Informatics certifications, vendors, salaries, consulting companies, venture capital companies and more.
  • James Taylor on Everything Decision Management
    Decision Management is the application of predictive analytics and business rules to the automation and improvement of operational decisions - decisions at the front line of your organization. James Taylor is the leading expert on Decision Management and blogs on how to use the technologies, best practices, industry news and more. He also writes product reviews - First Looks - on products that can help you manage decisions.
  • MarkTab Data Mining Blog -- Covers data mining in general and Microsoft Data Mining in particular. provides free information and resources on data mining. Mark Tabladillo (SAS Expert, Microsoft MVP) is a consultant and trainer.
    A lot of analysis results in "interesting" work. The work that decision makers look at, say "interesting" and toss it away. On this site, you will learn that "interesting" is not actionable. You will find insights, advice and tips on how to drive for action.
  • Portrait Software®
    Portrait Software is now part of Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI).

    Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers.

    Portrait Software was acquired in July 2010 by Pitney Bowes to build on the broad range of capabilities at Pitney Bowes Business Insight for helping organizations acquire, serve and grow their customer relationships more effectively. The Portrait Customer Interaction Suite combines world leading customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to deliver real-time customer interactions that communicate precisely the right message through the right channel, at the right time.

    Our 300 + customers include industry-leading organizations in customer-intensive sectors. They include 3, AAA, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Dell, Fiserv Bank Solutions, Lloyds Banking Group, Merrill Lynch, Nationwide Building Society, RACQ, RAC WA, Telenor, Tesco Bank, T-Mobile, TrygVesta and US Bank.

    For more information please visit: or

  • Predictive Analytics for Everyone
    This blog is about applying predictive analytics to real world problems in business, science and government.
  • Predictive Analytics Info
    Covers hot topics and emerging trends on predictive analytics, data mining, cloud computing and PMML (topics near and dear to ADAPA, the leading Predictive Analytics Engine from Zementis).

  • Priyank Mohan
    Priyank Mohan tries to give some insights about latest trends in the area of analytics, big data, semantic technology, search and how it relates with business.
  • Sandeep Raut
    Business Analytics is the hottest term around, with lot of confusion even in matured organizations. This is an effort to simplify the area.
  • Nethra Sambamoorthi, Ph.D.
    Predictive Models, Data Mining, CRM portals Inc., and Institute of Analytics.
  • SAS
    Interviews with data mining and developments in internet and analytics.
  • Marc Smith
    The Connected Action consulting group applies social science methods in general and social network analysis techniques in particular to enterprise and internet social media usage. SNA analysis of data from message boards, blogs, wikis, friend networks, and shared file systems can reveal insights into organizations and processes.
  • Talent Analytics, Corp.
    Talent Analytics, Corp., is a privately held corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its predictive talent analytics platform Advisorô, uses a quantitative approach for measuring, modeling, predicting and optimizing employee performance in areas such as in Sales, Call Centers, and Analytics Professionals. To learn more, please subscribe to the Talent Analytics Blog.
  • Web Analytics World
    WAW is not just a Blog, it is a place where you can keep up to date with important internet and digital marketing issues, all explained in friendly and jargon-free language. Web Analytics World features current news, detailed reviews and insights from the world of Analytics and Digital Marketing and is a key resource for marketing professionals seeking to improve their knowledge and awareness of internet marketing approaches and strategy.
  • YOU CANalytics blog
    YOU CANalytics blog - covers the latest trends in predictive analytics, data-mining and big-data in a friendly and fun-to-learn style. Here you can find case-studies from industries as diverse as banking, retail, telecom, biotech and more.

    Moreover, YOU CANalytics offers training and learning solutions within predictive analytics and big data space with hands-on case-study format. The training program ranges from beginners to advanced levels. Additionally, YOU CANalytics provides consulting solutions for predictive analytics, data-mining and big data.'
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